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A Whole Lot of UX Improvements and Fixes for a Better Creately Experience


Add a Border to Images

Images can now have borders for better aesthetics and visibility. This will help you to easily separate an image from the background and other elements in a workspace.

What’s New Section on In-App Templates Panel

The in-app template section now has a What’s New section on the left side nav bar. This section will feature all new templates that are added to the Creately Community.

Arrow Key Navigation for Table Cells and Swimlanes

Now you can move around the table cells with the arrow keys. This also works for swim lanes, eliminating the need to select a cell and click to type. We hope this improvement makes your work easier.

Sharing Workspaces as Embedded Images

We made it easier for you to obtain the embedding link when sharing workspaces as images. Just click the embed workspace button and the link will show up right away. If you reset the link, you’ll see a loader animation. This means the link is being created. This brings clarity to workspace sharing.

Improvements to CSV Data Imports

You can now import data that has reference fields and user fields. These are fields that link to other records or users in your system. In addition, when you import the same data more than once, the existing records will be automatically updated with the new data.

Fixes to Shapes and Connectors

Shape-Related Bug Fixes

  1. When you delete a shape, it also deletes the connectors that used to be attached to it, even if you moved them away.

  2. Guides showing the distance between shapes now work perfectly, allowing you to create precise diagrams.

  3. The app no longer shows errors when you try to open a link to a deleted shape.

  4. A bug that prompted an error message when you added many shapes and connectors was fixed.

  5. We also fixed errors related to resizing large images.

Connector-Related Fixes

We improved the user experience by making it easier to select connectors on the canvas. Now you can click once and the line will be selected, even if you zoom in a lot.

Tasks Not Showing Up on Owners’ Task Lists

We made a small change to fix a problem. Before, when you added a card and chose who would do it, the card wouldn’t show up in the task list. This bug is now fixed.