ArchiMate Tool

Accurately analyze and visualize the relationships among various architectural domains.

Create an ArchiMate Diagram

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Conduct and in-depth analysis of the structure, behavior, and information within a system

Use the ArchiMate framework to depict aspects and layers of business and the relationship between the two.

  • Represent the environment in which an organization operates
  • Use a standardized language to analyze and map out an organization’s EA to limit misunderstandings and ambiguity
  • Ensure consistency in modeling between departments, projects and even overall enterprise architecture

Easily create high-level models

Create high-level modeling within a domain and illustrate the relationship between different domains

  • Capture and visualize stakeholder concerns
  • Create Enterprise Architecture models that depict the structure and operations of your organization
  • Visualize stakeholder concerns and trade offs arising from conflicting concerns

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Works with the tools you love

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