Virtual Classroom Software

Level Up Your Student Experiences

Deliver exceptional student experiences through multiple ways of interacting and sharing content online.

  • Virtual whiteboard with freehand drawing to facilitate online teaching
  • 50+ diagram types with premade templates for multiple subjects
  • Real-time collaboration to increase student engagement
Virtual Classroom Software

Creately combines whiteboard like ease of use with advanced process modelling and data capture to super-charge your process improvement and process management journey.


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    What Is Creately?

    Creately is the intelligent visual platform enabling visual collaboration, knowledge management, and project execution.

    100+ proprietary features

    deliver a flexible, no-code visual platform, expertly-tuned for ease of use.

    Infinite Visual Canvas

    Visually create and organize any structure you imagine. Drag drop shapes or datasets, embed external content.

    Custom Databases

    Create custom databases for any kind of information from tasks, HR personnel records to matters for law firms.

    Real-Time Collaboration

    Work remote or hybrid with real-time cursor tracking, in-built video chat and proper in-context comments and tasks.

    Data Driven Docs

    Create docs and notes to go deeper from the high-level visual views. 2-way link to other docs, shapes or data with @mentions.

    Project & Task Management

    Use built-in agile project management tooling or integrate with your favorite project management tool to keep work flowing.

    Professional Diagramming

    50+ types of standard diagrams with 1000+ specially designed shapes and connectors enable blazing-fast diagramming.

    Enterprise Grade Security

    ISO 27001, SOC 2 - Type 2, Data Residency & Up-time SLAs to collaborate securely with your entire organization.

    Powerful Visual Modeling

    Visuals that are backed by databases, update once, reflect in multiple views type of workflows. Unlock true multi-perspective analysis and planning.

    Organizations buy Creately for it’s one-of-a-kind data-connected visual interactions enabling the amazing planning and collaboration experiences and it’s core flexibility and adaptability.

    The one platform to connect all teams across the board.


    Easily Structure Lessons

    Easily Structure Lessons

    Interactive online whiteboard with freehand drawing to conduct brainstorming sessions and facilitate classroom discussions.

    Multiple professionally-designed templates to create various instructional materials, lesson plans, design curriculum, record student progress, and more.

    Over 50 types of diagrams to visualize, analyze, classify, and organize information; dichotomous trees, graphic organizers, concept maps, and more.

    Simple to use drag and drop tools and Plus Create to quickly visualize the concepts as you explain them during lessons.

    Easily Structure Lessons
    Centralize All Learning Resources

    Centralize All Learning Resources

    Centralize All Learning Resources

    Advanced folder structure to effectively organize and manage student assignments and class projects.

    Infinite canvas that scales up to 1000s of items in a single view to create a central repository of resources, learning material, instructions, and assignments.

    Multiple access and role levels to streamline sharing, reviewing, and editing workspaces with students, parents, or colleagues.

    Import images and vectors, and documents with in-app previews to create a convenient point of reference for revisions.

    Universal full text search to quickly locate important information across workspaces.


    Engage Every Student In Class

    Engage Every Student In Class

    Real-time cursors for any number of participants. Collaborate with students on a shared canvas during lessons.

    Video conferencing baked into the platform to feel like you are in the same classroom while engaging with students.

    Comment with context. Full comment threads and discussions for async collaboration to streamline giving students feedback or obtaining feedback from them.

    Use frames inside the infinite canvas to generate page-like layouts to organize your lesson ideas, group similar content, or build presentation flows for students.

    Engage Every Student In Class
    Monitor and Manage Student Progress

    Monitor and Manage Student Progress

    Monitor and Manage Student Progress

    Bring necessary data from any external source to create a single source for information about students and administrative data.

    Powerful documentation capabilities to document information on student performance and academic endeavors. Use them during parent-teacher conferences to discuss progress.

    Add data fields to docs, to show information inline. Capture and maintain data related to the courses and classes and create presentation-like reports right on the canvas.

    • Science Fair Project Template
    • Math Graphic Organizer
    • Biography Graphic Organizer
    • Analogy Graphic Organizer
    • Sequence Graphic Organizer
    • KWL Chart
    • Story Map
    • Persuasion Map
    • Food Web Diagram
    • Lesson Plan
    • Learning Map
    • Science Concept Map
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