Standardized Educational Diagram Templates

Easily adoptable educational templates for most subject areas, at all levels. Delivered on a platform that is easy-to-use for educational and training institutions.

Standardized Educational Diagram Templates

Primary education

A picture speaks a thousand words. Use Creately's 1000's of ready-to-use templates for effective teaching and classroom activities.


Blank venn diagram template

Spider diagram template

Bubble map example

Kindergarten Lesson Plan Template

Essay Sequence Plan

Essay Organizer

Math Graphic Organizer

Diagram types for multiple subject areas

For advanced subjects from Computer Science to Social studies, re-use or adapt Creately’s templates to suit your exact purpose.

Concept map template

Fishbone diagram template

Cluster chart example

Essay writing process

Four set venn diagram

Euler diagram example

Spider map example

3 set venn diagram

Circle map example

Storyboard example

Nursing concept map

Dichotomous Key Template