The Creately Visual Collaboration Platform

Creately is a visual collaboration platform that makes it easier for your team to collaborate and work more efficiently together. Our infinite canvas serves as a central hub, where you can:

    Advanced Diagramming and Whiteboarding

    Effortlessly create stunning diagrams, flowcharts, mind maps, and more, all in one place. Whether you're brainstorming ideas, planning projects, or pitching a product, transform your thoughts into captivating visuals in minutes.

    Professional diagramming

    70 types of diagramming standards with 1000+ specially designed shapes and connectors to enable blazing fast diagramming.

    Ready-to-use templates

    8000+ professional templates and 200,000+ examples spanning across industries to get a head start.

    Keyboard shortcuts with PlusCreate

    Nifty keyboard first drawing shortcuts with PlusCreate to do just about anything on your workspace without lifting a finger.

    Hand drawing and markup support

    Illustrate or make annotations easily with freehand drawing and format text without leaving the keyboard with markdown shortcuts.

    Links and connectors for navigational flows

    Link between shapes to build navigational structures in and across workspaces

    Unlimited Visual Collaboration

    Bring your teams together to connect, collaborate, and innovate no matter where you are. Run more interactive brainstorming sessions, workshops and meetings with hybrid or remote teams with shared workspaces.

    Infinite canvas

    Visually create and organize any structure you imagine. Drag drop shapes or datasets, embed external content.

    Real-time text cursors and mouse pointers

    Get any number of participants on the same workspace and track their additions in real-time.

    Spotlight / follow other collaborators

    Click on anyone’s avatar in the header to follow them or on your avatar to spotlight yourself.

    Advanced sharing permissions

    Sharing controls at multiple levels of folders, workspaces. Role based permissions down to field level of items.

    Comments and tasks

    Comment on anything, with context. Full comment threads and discussions for async collaboration.

    Use with Microsoft Teams / Slack / Zoom

    Get your team together to brainstorm, plan, run projects, etc. on Creately with your favorite meeting platform.

    A Central Location for All Your Data

    Keep everything from meeting notes and resources to action plans and analytics in the same place.

    2-way data linking

    Drag drop 'items' from any data-source on to the canvas to visually interact with data.

    Arrange data

    Organize items on Kanban boards, timelines and grids to visualize them meaningfully.

    Per item docs

    Powerful documentation capabilities with per-item notes with tables, attachments and more.

    Full version history

    Item level history of all changes. Per item status feed.

    Multiple views

    Visuals that are backed by databases, update once, reflect in multiple view type of workflows. 

    Easy Note Taking And Visual Thinking

    Big picture to details, in context. Notes, attachments and custom data-fields for each item, two-way links and full-text search enable seamless knowledge capture and curation.

      Visual Project Management & Execution Tools

      Bring your projects to life with built-in project management tools. Kanban boards, multi-role workflows, visual prioritization tools to enable any kind of workflow for even items from 3rd party platforms.

      Advanced workflows

      Create a central hub to track everything from planning to execution with multiple boards and timelines in the same workspace.

      Tasks and multiple roles for any item

      Create tasks from any item for anyone in the team. Add multiple roles per each item in any configuration.

      Simple ‘My Tasks’ view

      Manage and keep track of all tasks assigned to you from one place.

      Full text search and indexes

      Universal full text search, searches all content across all workspaces instantly. Visually navigate and see the search results.

      Adapts to Your Enterprise

      Adapts to Your Enterprise

      From SSO, SCIM to well-defined employee onboarding and offboarding workflows, Creately can scale to support diverse enterprise needs.

      • SSO and SCIM via Azure AD, Okta, Google etc.
      • Multiple admins and access levels
      • Sharing permission management
      • Full audit logs
      • SOC 2 - Type II, ISO 27001
      • Custom data residency
      Adapts to Your Enterprise