What's New

December 23, 2022

Introducing Global Databases to Access Across Multiple Workspaces

Global Databases


Previously, Creately’s databases were accessible at the folder level. With the implementation of the global databases, a database can be marked as global by applying the Mark database as public option from the databases panel. Thereafter, a global database can be accessed across all the folders and workspaces. Hereafter, team plan users can sort their shared/global databases under the Organization level and unshared databases under the Folder level from the databases panel.

Application Improvements

This cycle included improvements and bug fixes to the onboarding flow, shapes library, upload file size, and shape default color that sharpens your Creately experience.

November 30, 2022

Onboarding Tooltip Tour, Custom Glue Points, and Many More

Onboarding Tour


With Creately’s latest transformation from visualization into a work management application, we want to show you how many capabilities can be unlocked to make your Creately experience unforgettable. Therefore, our latest onboarding tour includes an intuitive array of tooltips guiding you through the features and how to use them.

Application Improvements

We have addressed issues in the preview mode where connectors do not stick to the glue point. Do not worry, it’s now fixed! For more information, see How to add custom glue points in shapes. Other improvements include PDF export, shape selection during real-time collaboration, and security enhancements to the application.

October 24, 2022

Improved Hand Drawing, Microsoft Teams Integration, Notes Panel, and More

Hand Drawing Made Easier

Line behavior while using the hand drawing feature is now enhanced. Therefore, now you can smoothly circle something or draw a curve on Creately similar to your pen & pencil experience. For more information, see How to use the freehand drawing tool.

Application Improvements

Improvements to the Notes panel, Microsoft Teams, Global search, and fixes to the shape libraries loading issue for the templates on the canvas. UI improvements to improve sorting and filtering on the folder panel were shipped during this cycle.

September 30, 2022

Introducing the Microsoft Teams Integration and Version History for Notes and Data Panels

Microsoft Teams


Our integrations list just got expanded! Now you use Creately inside Microsoft Teams. While you conduct your meetings, you can now open Creately to collaboratively visualize and plan your work without having to leave your meeting or open Creately on your web browser. All the Creately capabilities from accessing templates & shapes, creating databases, tracking progress, and commenting to many more will definitely help you maximize your meeting experience. For more information, see MS Teams for Creately.

Version History for Notes and Databases

While version history for the workspace helped you track your and your team’s work and changes, we also wanted to help you track changes that are made on shapes as you or your team add, modify, or delete data in the shape data panel. This version history can be accessed next to Links on the shape data panel. For more information, see How to check the history made on Notes and Data panels.

Application Improvements

Improvements to the folders, databases, and diagramming that soothe your experience on Creately.

August 23, 2022

Introducing Real-time Comments in the Notes Panel

Collaborate on Notes


Creately never forgets its core capabilities. In fact, we couple them with new features. This is why, in this release, you are introduced to real-time collaboration on the notes panel. Therefore, you and your team can easily populate the notes for a shape: using Markdown formatting text, adding emojis, or copying and pasting a table directly from other sources. For more information, see Using Creately Notes.

Application Improvements

This cycle, we have again optimized loading workspaces that contain 1500+ shapes as it was identified to crash and freeze some of our users' workspaces. Although this was observed only on Firefox, we have improved loading time in all other web browsers: Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. If you still encounter an issue, feel free to reach out to us at Customer Support.

Other improvements include shape connector movement improvements, UI changes in the Plus Create button as well as security enhancements.

July 31, 2022

Enhanced User Experience with Plus Button, Templates Panel & Two-Factor Authentication

Redesigned Plus Button

We knew how it comes in handy with this new search on the folder panel. You can sort and search a folder without having to manually look for them among hundreds and thousands of your folders now.

Redesigned Templates Panel

The new UI helps you to find and open a template on the pop-up screen when you access templates via the Plus button. This improvement also includes a detailed preview of the template you choose.

Two-factor Authentication

You can now verify your identity via the code sent to the email. While Creately had always verified identity via email links, this helps you kick-start your journey on Creately without having to open Creately on a new tab.

Application Improvements

Bug fixes in the conditional formatting where you can color code shapes according to rules and improvements in the demo-user dashboard are also released.

June 30, 2022

Improved Folder Search to Easily Find Workspaces


We knew how it comes in handy with this new search on the folder panel. You can sort and search a folder without having to manually look for them among hundreds and thousands of your folders now.

Application Improvements

We improved the database framework to speed up syncing the changes you do to the data fields for a shape to load and reflect them faster.

The Kanban board starter toolkit is optimized to perform and stabilize your custom data faster. For more information, see How to work on Kanban boards.

Other improvements include shapes, google sheet implementation, CSV import, the navigation panel, help video, and changes in the messaging and UI that help improve your Creately experience.

May 31, 2022

Introducing Real-time Comments on the Notes Panel

Application Improvements

Fixes to the database framework and the history panel while reducing the application loading time. We changed the limitations in the Premium shape library allowing free users to access more shapes. UI changes include: the comment panel on the embeds, the messaging, and the upgrade button changes to make your experience more exciting and easy on Creately.

April 11, 2022

Toolkits that Enable You to Kick Start Your Creately Experience

Starter Toolkits


Creately along with its new database capabilities transforms your visualization experience into an array of work management capabilities; managing, planning, collaborating, sharing, and executing your work. For you to get a head start on your day-to-day work, we introduce Starter Toolkits covering multiple perspectives: Brainstorming, Project Management & Planning, Visualization, Software & IT, HR & Operations, and many more.

These starter toolkits contain templates along with sample databases guiding you through the process. We are excited to see how to make the most out of Creately’s starter toolkits this season. For more information, see Creately Starter Templates, Starter Toolkits and Shape Libraries to get you started.

Application Improvements

This month, we shipped fixes and improvements to address: the folder panel, sync your work on Google sheets as you make changes on a Creately workspace, and assign a role to anyone in the team when a workspace is not shared with them. UI-UX changes include changes to the export and share buttons, replacing UI messaging, and removing the left sidebar for embeds.

March 25, 2022

ReIntroducing Creately: Your Workspace for Work Management

Reimage Creately: the New Interface for Work


We have reimagined and redesigned Creately to help you evolve from ideation to planning and capturing knowledge as well as to execute your projects. It serves as an all-in-one application that combines or replaces two-to-many other tools. Use intuitive shapes that you can couple with data and notes, databases, sharing & collaboration, or connect with other tools to import data onto Creately. Simply, you and your team can now easily use Creately in your day-to-day work for almost everything.

Google Sheets

We know you loved working on Creately via Google docs, sheets, and slides. This month, we introduce you to importing Google sheets data onto Creately as it helps you migrate data without having to replicate them separately.

Application Improvements

Text rendering on the shape data panel as you rename a data field is now fixed for a better user experience.

February 26, 2022

Lookup & Formula Fields, Data Field Permissions, and Datasource Shapes

Application Improvements


We have been constantly improving the loading time for heavy workspaces containing a large number of shapes. In this release also, we have made significant improvements to the application to help you load heavy workspaces.

You may also notice that we have made some UI changes to position the contextual toolbar, text toolbar, and the Plus Create button for a better user experience.

Apart from that, we have included a bug fix to improve pre-defined queries in the shapes.

Lookup and Formula Fields

A lookup field provides a set of existing values for the user to choose from via a combo box or a multi-select combo. The values for the lookup would be from a list of entities available for a given shape. When a lookup field value is chosen, a two-way link is established between the two shapes.

Formula fields can use another field value to update itself by evaluating formulas; similar to excel expressions. You are able to add formulas into a shape via data field: formula. In this formula field, you can enter formulas similar to excel expressions.

Permissions for Data Fields

Customize who can have access to the data fields that are defined for a particular shape using permissions. Workspace owners can hide shape data fields making it visible only to the workspace owner or to all the users with edit access. This helps you present the workspace content while hiding the shape data you added.

Datasource shape

We know the repetitive actions involved in creating shape data from scratch. That’s why in this release, we introduce you to the datasource shape. Once you customize a shape by adding data fields according to your requirements and save the shape as an entity type under a database, you automatically save the shape in your shapes library under custom databases. Datasource shape helps you recreate shapes with similar data fields by just dragging and dropping them onto the canvas.

January 20, 2022

Google Add-Ons and Improvements to the Notifications Panel

Notification Panel Improvements


The notification panel just got a lot better! Notifications are now sent when a team member makes a change to a workspace shared among the team and when a team member makes a change to a team folder, which can be tracked and viewed easily on the notification panel.

Google Add-Ons

The wait is finally over! Now, Creately can be integrated easily into Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Browse and insert all the workspaces without leaving your Google doc, sheet, or slide. Editing or creating a new workspace is just a click away: Open Creately from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides itself, which later can be inserted easily.

Application Improvements

Creately helps you work easier every day. This month, we have improved text alignment, line color formatting, canvas sensitivity for zoom and pan options, and UI experience with backend improvements that speed up your work on Creately.

December 12, 2021

Stay Notified with Notifications on Creately

Notifications Panel

Stay Notified with the Latest Notification Framework

The new notifications panel captures and saves a log for your reference at any time. You can now view the real-time and transaction email notifications through the notifications panel on the top-right corner of the canvas. For more information, see Notifications panel.

Application performance improvements

As there are a couple of powerful features lined up to release in 2022, the application performance is improved and lots of issues like the diagram loading time and log4j vulnerability issues affecting the Confluence cloud, etc have been resolved.

November 15, 2021

Visualization Made Smoother

Improved the free-hand drawing feature

We heard you! We have added more features allowing you to format the text using the freehand feature.

Improve the Application Performance

Updated servers and reduced the load time considerably that enables you to open the application quickly. So, the application loads with all the features in seconds now.

October 17, 2021

Freehand Drawing, Performance and Security Improvements

Freehand Drawing

A free that comes handy during brainstorming or real-time discussions that will allow you to point out or highlight something on the canvas.

Improved Security in Payment Gateways

With the rise of fraudulent activities, we have taken measures to mitigate and tackle the scammers in the payment gateways.

September 17, 2021

UI Improvements, Workspace Status, Document History, and more!

Workspace History


Track the edits done to a workspace and switch between versions in case you want to restore to a previous version.

Onboarding Questionnaire

This survey customizes the toolkits, templates, shapes according to your preference. Moreover, we use this survey to keep improving the application and the experiecne for you.

Workspace Status Indicator

An array of statuses to choose and apply on the workspace to track the progress of your work.

New Groupings in the Folder View

Folders and workspaces are now grouped into ‘Personal’, ‘Organizational’, and ‘Shared with me’ groups to help you manage your work better.

UX Improvement

The dashboard now shows what each panel in the sidebar does. Minor, we know but it’s nice!

Collapsible Notifications

Notifications to display errors and warnings that stay collapsed until you click on them.

August 21, 2021

Work Offline and Stay Notified

Offline Mode

Work Offline and Stay Notified

Creately’s offline mode allows you to work without an internet connection and enables synchronization for all the users when you are online.

Improved In-app Notifications

Your experience with Creately is now improved with real-time notifications that pop up and collapse, so you can choose when and what to see.

July 12, 2021

Organize the Infinite Canvas with Frames and Template Search Improvements

Templates Search

Creately’s 1000+ professional templates are already categorized into 11 use cases where you can choose what you want to do and select a template to get started easily. With the Template Search option, now you can easily look for a particular template among those 1000s.

Frame Container

Choose a container for your content to organize, structure, and move them around as you develop content on the canvas. Export these frames in multiple formats such as PDF, PNG, SVG, JPEG, etc. When exporting as a PDF, you can structure the order of the frames by changing the ‘index’ value for the frame in the data panel.

June 6, 2021

Add Data into Shapes and Keep Everything Organized

Shape Data

Add Data into Shapes and Keep Everything Organized

We are intriducing you the data-powered shapes that enable you to store information right on the shapes, organize them, and access them anytime. Each data can be customized not only with look and feel now, but also with content.

Improved Icon Panel

Creately’s icon library just got better with the UI. On top of that, you now can access icons over 100 categorized into 19 categories from the UI-UX icons to infographics, royalty-free graphics that are suitable for social media posts and all.