Project Management Software

Run Connected, Visual Projects

Organize and manage tasks, resources, assets, and workflows in an easy, visual platform designed for the future of work.

  • Single source of truth (SSOT) for project data
  • Collaborate cross-functionally
  • Visualize processes and workflows
  • Cloud-based project management
Project Management Software

Creately combines whiteboard like ease of use with advanced process modelling and data capture to super-charge your process improvement and process management journey.


Trusted by over 10 Million users and 1000’s of teams.

Go from Ideation to Delivery in a Single, Collaborative Platform

    What is Creately?

    Creately is the intelligent visual platform enabling visual collaboration, knowledge management, and project execution.

    100+ proprietary features

    deliver a flexible, no-code visual platform, expertly-tuned for ease of use.

    Infinite Visual Canvas

    Visually create and organize any structure you imagine. Drag drop shapes or datasets, embed external content.

    Custom Databases

    Create custom databases for any kind of information from tasks, visualizing IT infrastructure, maintaining documentations, HR personnel records to matters for law firms.

    Real-Time Collaboration

    Work remote or hybrid with realtime cursor tracking, in-built video chat and proper in-context comments and tasks.

    Data Driven Docs

    Create docs and notes to go deeper from the high-level visual views. Two way links to other docs, shapes or data with @mentions.

    Project & Task Management

    Use built-in agile project management tooling or integrate with your favorite project management tool to keep work flowing.

    Professional Diagramming

    50+ types of standard diagrams with 1000+ specially designed shapes and connectors enable blazing fast diagramming.

    Enterprise Grade Security

    ISO 27001, SOC 2 - Type 2, Data Residency & Up-time SLAs to collaborate securely with your entire organization.

    Powerful Visual Modeling

    Visuals that are backed by databases, update once, reflect in multiple views type of workflows. Unlock true multi-perspective analysis and planning.

    Organizations buy Creately for it’s one-of-a-kind data-connected visual interactions enabling the amazing planning and collaboration experiences and it’s core flexibility and adaptability.

    The one platform to connect all teams across the board.


    Brainstorm and Define Project Requirements

    Brainstorm and Define Project Requirements

    Intuitive drag and drop tools to simplify goal-setting, task creation, prioritization, resource allocation, and dependency planning.

    Multiple frameworks and professional templates to quickly lay the groundwork for planning your projects in minutes.

    Professional diagramming tools and controls to plan and organize all the aspects of your team’s project work.

    Import images, vectors, and more into the canvas to create interactive project presentations for evaluators and sponsors.

    Brainstorm and Define Project Requirements
    Centralize All Information

    Centralize All Information

    Centralize All Information

    Workspace, folder, team, and organizational level sharing settings to manage project data points of different departments and teams.

    Embed documents and assets with in-app previews to create and maintain a SSOT for better decision-making.

    Infinite canvas that scales up to 1000s of items in a single view to build wikis containing project plans, meeting notes, analysis reports, etc.


    Collaborate in Context of Your Work

    Collaborate in Context of Your Work

    Real-time cursors for any number of participants. Work with teams and clients on a shared canvas.

    Video conferencing baked into the platform to smoothly run project brainstorming sessions, sprint planning meetings, project reviews and retros.

    Comment with context, engage and gain buy-in from key stakeholders throughout the planning process.

    Multiple access and role levels to effectively manage working with external stakeholders and clients on projects.

    Smart notifications to stay up to date with the latest project and task updates.

    Collaborate in Context of Your Work
    Track Project Progress

    Track Project Progress

    Track Project Progress

    Create multiple perspectives of the same data with model objects; effortlessly convert ideas to Kanban boards, Gantt charts, or roadmaps.

    Link to dashboards and data reports to track the progress of the implementation of projects and analyze their impact.

    Contextual comments to gather feedback and keep conversations with clients, stakeholders, and teams in one place throughout the project.


    Augment Your Project Data

    Augment Your Project Data

    Extend your visuals by linking them to other resources and building on them with custom properties and additional data fields.

    Use frames inside the infinite canvas to generate page-like layouts to organize project data, group similar content, or build a presentation flow.

    Universal search to easily navigate through and among complex project workspaces.

    Connect to your favorite tools with Creately plugins for Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, and more.

    Augment Your Project Data
    • RACI Matrix
    • Project Timeline
    • Project Charter
    • Project Organizational Chart
    • Kanban Board
    • Project Proposal
    • Project Scope Statement
    • IT Project Charter
    • Risk Register
    • Project Schedule
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Kickoff Meeting Template
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