Seamless Data Integration, An Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts Panel, Improved Sharing, and More


Unlock Data-Driven Visualization with Creately’s Enhanced Database Capabilities

Connect your Creately diagrams to databases easily. You can use custom definitions to get started faster with databases – now everything is automatically added as models (Process Model, Project Management Model) when you use Agile Project Management and BPMN frameworks.

Key Features

  • Guided database creation: We’ll walk you through the process of creating a database and saving shapes as objects, so you don’t have to worry about setting up the schema or defining the database type.
  • Effortless shape conversion: Convert any shape into an object instantly.
  • Simplified object creation: Once you’ve created a database, you can quickly add new entities by copying and pasting existing objects on the canvas. You can choose to create a new object, a linked object, or a blank object.

Benefits of Using Creately’s Database Integration

  • Save time: Guided workflow eliminates setup complexities.
  • Boost productivity: Automate model definition and shape conversion.
  • Minimize errors: Automatic model creation ensures data consistency.
  • Ensure data quality: Connect diagrams to databases for accurate data.

How to Get Started:

  1. To get started with the latest database functionality, simply create a new Agile Project Management or BPMN diagram. You’ll see a prompt to create a database.

How to add a shape onto the canvas

  1. Follow the guided instructions to create your database and save shapes as objects.

How to setup databases

  1. Once you’ve created a database, you can convert any shape into an object and add new objects by copying an existing one on the canvas.

How to make shapes into objects

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Creately’s robust visualization capabilities are now complemented by an enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts panel, allowing you to navigate in the canvas and visualize your ideas with unparalleled efficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned keyboard maestro or a curious novice, this updated panel provides a comprehensive guide to nearly all Creately functionalities, right at your fingertips.


Key Improvements:

  • Comprehensive Shortcut Coverage: The updated panel provides shortcuts for almost all Creately functionalities, ensuring you control your creative process.
  • Organized Shortcut Presentation: The panel’s intuitive layout and categorization make it easy to find the shortcuts you need, when you need them.
  • Visual Shortcut Reference: Easily identify and memorize shortcuts with the panel’s clear visual representation of key combinations.

Refined Connectors for Genograms

We have improved the Genogram creation on Creately by introducing refined connectors that enhance the clarity and visual appeal of genograms: straight-angled lines and family connection lines. These enhancements provide a clearer and more visually appealing representation of family relationships, making it easier to identify patterns and connections within your genograms.

Streamlined Sharing Experience

Experience faster and more intuitive user sharing with our improved Share and Notes panels! Adding users is now seamless and intuitive. As you type, user suggestions will appear frictionlessly, allowing you to effortlessly add them with a single click. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual input. Our enhanced Share and Notes panels are designed to save your valuable time, making collaboration a lot smoother.

How to organize items in VIZ

Enhanced Performance for Workspaces with Multiple Sticky Notes and Cards

We have worked on a significant performance boost in your workspaces, to streamline your experience when handling 100 or more sticky notes and cards on your workspaces. Previously, adding a large number of these elements could cause slowdowns and lag. We have made improvements to ensure workspaces maintain optimal speed and responsiveness for your creative process to be fluid.