Top 5 Community Diagrams of the Week!

With hundreds of diagrams created everyday by Creately users, selecting the best five diagrams from the community is not an easy task. But highlighting them is a good way to reward those users who put some effort to create beautiful diagrams and also provide inspiration for other Creately users. So below are the top 5 community diagrams of the week. You can zoom in and out using the Creately diagram viewer without leaving the page. Hover over the image to enable zooming.

5. Dealing With the Police

This is not necessarily a diagram but just goes to show the various possible things you can do with Creately. Some very good information on how to avoid unnecessary dealings with the law. Thank you A G for this very useful story board.

4. 21st Century Learning Environment Venn diagram

Next we have a Venn diagram created by Lisa Mack.This Venn diagrams illustrates how to transform your current library to a 21st century learning environment. Drawing Triple Venn diagrams can be a bit tricky but Lisa has got this spot on. Check out our Venn diagram resource page to learn more about drawing them.

3. Travel Reservation System Database Diagram

James Clubley is next with a very impressive database diagram. Looking at the Entities it looks like a travel reservation system. Would have being nicer with some colors but still a very good example of database design.

2. Batch Utility Flowchart

This Flowchart was submitted by Siddhartha Muthiah and has plenty of color to make it look more attractive. If you are really picky you find some faults with the usage of symbols. Check our Flowchart resource page for proper usage of symbols in Flowcharts.

1. Starting a Company Mind-map

If you are ever thinking of starting a company then you just need to take a look at this mindmap created by Filip Bošković. Filip pretty much thought about everything you will need to start a company, even adding a logo to your company website is included in the diagram. Mind-maps are used to represent ideas and it isn’t always easy to convert your idea to a diagram like Filip has done.

I hope you enjoy viewing these as I enjoyed sharing them. Stay tuned to the blog because Creately is about to launch something big very soon.

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  1. The Starting a Company Mind Map is my favorite — cool graphics thanks for this post .

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