Top 5 Community Diagrams of the Week!

I hope you had fun using our simple Gantt chart drawing tools and your Creately experience is going to get even better with the launch of Creately Diagramming Community this week. While we are working on those things Creately users have created some awesome diagrams and now is the time to highlight the best of them. Below are our top five community diagrams of the week.

5. Event Planning Website Flowchart

First up is a Flowchart drawn by Jasmin Walker. The processes are clearly defined and Jasmin has used colors nicely to separate different flows.


Event Planning Templates

4. Hotel Reservation System Use Case Diagram

Then we have a hotel reservation system use case diagram drawn by Omer Baykal. Another in depth use case diagram with lots of information about the system.


3. Company Network Diagram

This lovely network diagram was submitted by Chaminda Attale. We really liked the fact that he has made use of different object available to him and even adding different images for different server types.


2. File Alerts Database Diagram

This database diagrams was submitted by Shaun Baker and it is obvious he has put an lot of effort to come up with this diagram. Different colors for different entities etc make it really nice to look at and easily understandable for viewers as well.


1. CD Recording System Class Diagram

Last we have a class diagram submitted by Vinicius Rocha. Another detailed diagram following all the standards.


By the look of things Creately users sure love creating detailed diagrams, and with the launch of diagramming community hope to see many more beautiful diagrams created with Creately.

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