Top 5 Community Diagrams of the Week

The diagramming community is gaining steam and we are fine tuning the features to make it more awesome. If you’re creating public diagrams make sure to rate them as well as diagrams submitted by other users. The objective is to filter out the best diagrams so other users can benefit from them. It sure is much easier to come up with this post now since diagrams are automatically selected for me 🙂 . So below are the top 5 community diagrams of the week.

5.Your Professional Presence Venn Diagram

We start with a Venn diagram submitted by Pretty Ponies. Although a Venn diagram you can qualify it as an infographic as well. We are very pleased to see our users making full use of our extensive image library.

4. Issue Resolving Flowchart

Next up is a flowchart submitted by Miki Yarkoni. Although it is a relatively simple diagram we appreciated the fact that it uses swim lanes. Swim lanes are a great way to organize your flowchart according who is responsible for various activities. Read this article about flowchart with swim lanes to learn more about the process.

3. Reporting System UML Class Diagram

Then we have a UML class diagram submitted by Chris Butchart. The diagrams could do with some colors but we appreciated the effort put into creating a detailed diagram.

2. Phone System Database schema

Next we have a colorful database schema submitted by Maurice Bennet. The relationships are clearly defined and we love the use of colors. Diagrams that uses colors are more likely to get a higher rating and it is much more pleasing to look at as well.

1. Contract Management ER diagram

Finally we have a contract management ER diagrams submitted by Akash Jain. Although lot of effort is put in drawing the diagram he could have named it much better 🙂 .

Enjoy the diagrams and keep submitting more, you could be next in the featured post.

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