New Confluence Release and Recent Creately Features

Creately Confluence Plugin Compatible with Confluence 4

A quick update! we released a new version of Creately Confluence plugin. It is now compatible with Confluence 4 and also includes the below features and more

  • Easy migration from Confluence 3 to 4
  • Compatibility fixed for Confluence version 3 and 4
  • Diagram preview in edit mode ( Confluence 4 )
  • Quick add/edit diagrams in edit mode ( Confluence 4 )
  • Automatic diagram type suggestion
Creately Confluence Plugin

Add/Edit Diagrams Easily in Confluence using Creately

Drawing Gantt Charts in Confluence

Many understand the importance of Gantt charts but few bother drawing them. Its even harder in Confluence because of the lack of tools.  Now you can easily create Gantt charts in Confluence using our Gantt chart tool. Its simple to use and we added some templates to make it even more easier. Below are two of the many templates available for users.


Gantt Chart of a Research Project

Creately Gantt Chart Template

Project Phase Gantt Chart Template

Creately Gantt Chart Template

Enjoy the new templates and have fun drawing Gantt charts in Confluence. If you have any suggestions about Gantt charts or anything in general feel free to contact support with your suggestions. The flowchart guide was very popular and thanks for the feedback. We will surely publish more guides in the future. Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Holidays.



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