How can Creately Simplify Value Stream Mapping?

Eliminating waste and bloat is crucial for a successful business. Value stream maps (VSM) let’s you do exactly this by documenting processes, along with the flow of information and materials from start to finish in a simple diagram.

This lean technique involves continuous modifications to address limitations and inefficiencies, which meant sketching on paper and post it notes, was one of the most popular methods to get started with, but Creately has flipped the status quo!

Creately’s lean drawing space provides the perfect starting ground to build your value stream map from scratch and simplifies the process of brainstorming, collaborating and making modifications.

An extremely powerful tool, Creately allows you to stay organized company-wide by making even the most complicated VSM easier and faster to draw giving you more time to diagnose and improve the productivity of your business.

One-Click-Create and Quick Formatting

Call us lazy, but we don’t believe in wasting time on tasks that can be automated! Creately comes equipped with high quality templates and all the value stream mapping symbols required making drawing a VSM faster and easier. Creately doesn’t stop there, but will even build your VSM for you by choosing the next shape and arrow to be added to the illustration. This precognitive feature reduces time and effort spent drawing significantly.


1-click create speeding up value stream mapping

Create value stream maps faster

Changes are imminent and Creately doesn’t want you wasting time on modifying shapes and reentering text. Just add or remove a step and Creately will realign and arrange symbols to incorporate the modification ensuring your value stream map looks perfect and is ready to be presented at any given time.

Simplify things for your audience by breaking down a high level VSM into smaller sub-processes that are in detail. Using Creately, these smaller charts can then be linked back to the main VSM for easy access and a clear understanding of the breakdown.

Collaborate with Team Members Easily

Whether you’re working with a team of ten or hundred, on-going collaboration is important for an accurate VSM! Creately enables easy sharing on a local or global scale allowing team members to access the drawing at any point and make amendments in real time.

Each organization’s needs are unique and if your value stream map needs to be visible to a larger audience, Creately lets you embed a living version of the diagram on a local web page ensuring an updated version of the map is always available.

More Than a Value Stream Mapping Tool

Creately is meant for more than just value stream mapping tool and can be used to create a variety of business related graphics and charts using its unique automation technology to simplify each and every drawing process. Sign up for an account and try it out today!



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