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Easy to draw

1-click create

5 times faster drawing with 1-click create. Draw the shape and the line connecting it with 1 click.

Draw Diagrams twice as fast as you do now
Drag drop shapes for quickly insertion

Drag drop shapes

Choose from 100s of expertly designed shapes or find more on IconFinder or Google. Also import your own SVG vector images.

Easy, preset connectors

Changing arrow heads and styles is made easier by the right kind of connectors which are automatically picked for you.

Easy, preset connectors for fast linking
Align, sizing and grouped shapes

Aligned, sized and grouped

Align and fix the height of shapes with the context toolbar. You can also try grouping and intelligent 'send to back/forward' arranging.

Themes and color palette

Creately automatically figures out your customized styles and lets you create beautiful diagrams with preset color themes.

Themes and color palette with 5 times faster access

Smart Shapes & Connectors

Shapes that think for themselves

Smart shapes intelligently adapt themselves to match type of diagram and neighboring shapes.

Intelligent object knows how to behave when they are created
Text to Shape when writing trumps drawing

Text to Shape when writing trumps drawing

Enter text when it's difficult to draw. Complex shapes can be generated out of text where it makes sense.

Smart shapes for UI Mockups, UML and more

Smart shapes adapt themselves according to where they are placed within a diagram. They can be easily configured with properties.

Smart shapes for UI Mockups, UML and more
Connector types that match connected objects

Connector types that match connected objects

Connectors figure out which lines and styles match the linked shape and present a quick list to pick from.

Collaborate with anyone

Real-time Collaboration, wherever you are

Invite anyone to collaborate via email. Changes he/she makes to the diagram can be seen in real-time across Creately Online or Desktop.

Real-time Collaboration  anytime, anywhere
Effective inline commenting for effective collaboration

Inline comments and discussion threads

Select where changes are needed and leave a comment. Supports discussion threads and is perfect for reviews.

Full revision history of all changes

Every new save you make is preserved as separate versions which you can access anytime.

Keep up with full revision history of all changes
Secure sharing diagram links and emails

Secure sharing links and emails

Use email or secure View only or Edit enabled links to share diagrams for reviews or edits.

Publish or embed privately with the Interactive viewer

Embed living diagrams on your wiki pages, collaboration platform or intranet with private links.

Risk free publishing or embed privately

Easily Import Existing Visio Files

Import Visio or Visio stencils straight into Creately and work with all your legacy content easily.

PDF Export with working links

Export PDFs with working links to other diagrams. Great for mockups or process flows.

PDF Export with working links
Export as Editable SVG and Edit from your favorite imaging software

Editable SVG Exports. Works

Export Creately diagrams as editable SVGs. Import them into Adobe Illustrator, Inkspace, MS, Visio etc. for modification.

Thousands of templates and examples

  • Over 40 types of diagrams with specialized shape sets.
  • 100’s of specially designed templates for each type
  • 100,000+ diagram examples powered by our ever growing community

Online, Desktop or Server

  • Work online or offline
  • Diagrams Anywhere synchronization
  • Real time collaboration on Desktop or Online
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