Important Role of Social Media in Brand Building

Branding is not only for enterprises. Branding can also be for an item or a person. It feels extraordinary to fabricate an accumulation of yourself on the web. Using social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, it becomes super easy to build up an understanding of yourself. This will prove to be useful when you are out meeting new individuals and showcasing your ability to the world.

Why Social Media is Important for Branding?

Social media marketing offers equal weights for everyone. Everybody has a voice and everybody can share their opinion. Different types of social media platforms and tools are available. You just have to use these platforms and tools to build your brand.

Why you need social media in brand building

Brand exposure is the reason to use social media

According to the report of Social Media Marketing Industry, social media marketing is a must have strategy for branding. Here are some important reasons to choose social media in brand building.

  • Google Adores Social Media

Social media marketing is incredible for SEO. Due to the very intuitive nature of online networking, the major platforms are at the highest point of the query items for your keywords. You just have to realize what your audience is scanning for, and utilize these keywords all through your social media sites and web journal.

  • Social Proof Your Brand

Many customers are hunting online for the solutions to their problem, they are cross checking, looking for suggestions and conclusions. By having a drawing in the online networking vicinity, you are demonstrating that your business is trustworthy and can be trusted.

  • Humanize Brand

By having a straightforward and genuine social media vicinity and being interested in feedback, you are permitting your business sector to get no holds barred. You can become acquainted with your audience and let them to become acquainted with you. People buy products or services from individuals or brands they like, know and trust. Engaging social media sites can help you a lot.

Check out this post to build trust on social media.

  • Converse with Your Business Sector

Social media marketing allows two-way correspondence which is very important for discussion and gives your business the chance to connect and join with your group of onlookers. You can plant seeds in the middle of the discussion, however, this is not a direct marketing tool. This is a customer relationship management tool.

Important Facts about Social Media

How effective is social media in brand building

Stats about social media effectiveness

  • 86% of online marketers said that online networking was imperative to their organizations.
  • More than a large portion of advertisers who have utilized social media for more than 3 years reported an increment in deals over that period.
  • By spending at least 6 hours per week, more than 60% of advertisers see lead era advantages with social media.
  • More than 85% of all organizations that have a devoted platform of social media as a part of branding strategy reported an increment in their business sector.
  • More than 70% of social media marketers reporting positive results regarding traffic increment as one of the real advantages of social media.

Actionable Social Media Tips for Branding

  • Express Yourself with Longer Post: On the off chance that you feel constrained by Twitter’s 140 character count, do not hesitate to develop a point with posts on different social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Make Your Posts Stand-Out: Do you want your posts to get lost? No, right? Add an image or related links to discrete your posts from the downpour of different posts.
  • Call-to-Action: Create call to action buttons in your social media posts.
  • Reinforce Your Facebook Connection: If you are not getting the reaction you are after from the Facebook page of your brand, create groups to spark more Facebook connections.
  • Share Your Criticism: When you get feedback from your customers, do not be reluctant to highlight it.

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Branding

#Question 1: Who is Your Target Audience?

The main step is to recognize who your target audience is. You need to be very specific as it will make your choice less demanding. Record the responses to the following questions:

  • How old is your audience?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Male or female audience?
  • What is their education and income level?

#Question 2: What are Your Objectives?

When you know your target audience, you have to characterize the objectives for that gathering of people. As an entrepreneur, your essential objective will probably be to drive deals by drawing in clients—yet, there are other imaginative objectives for social media.

#Question 3: Where are Your Customers?

Since you have your target audience profiled and your objectives characterized, it is an opportunity to discover your group of onlookers. To do this, you are going to figure out which social media platform your crowd utilizes by taking a gander at the demographics of the customers on social media platforms. You will likewise need to consider how dynamic your audience is on that SM platform.

Some Useful Tools for Social Media Branding

  • Twilert: An extraordinary tool to unite and stay aware of the Tweets on your brand.
  • HootSuite: A fully fledged social media management platform that can be used to keep track of your mentions among other things.
  • CrowdBooster: It is a free tool. It helps to see the progress of your campaigns.

Bottom Line: Many big brands use different kinds of social media strategies like social media campaigns and contests to effectively pick up visibility and generate more leads. To exploit this impact, give your audience important incentives that energize them and make sure that your campaigns and contests offer value to all members.

About Navid Tayebi:

Navid Tayebi has considerable experience in digital marketing and brand development. He is the founder of CreativeOver.Com, a digital marketing agency that primarily focuses on providing digital marketing in Orange County to small- and medium-sized businesses. He is a versatile, organized and self-reliant person. His areas of expertise are refinement and development of marketing goals, promotional activities, pricing strategies and branding. You can find Navid on Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and Facebook.

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