A Little Known Fact, Creately Supports 7 Languages

Creately is used by people in over 130 countries. While we primarily operate in English and we may appear that we cater to only English language speakers, that cannot be further from the truth! Creately natively supports 7 languages and… Read More

Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration
Benefits of real-time collaboration makes them a must have tool

It’s been more than a month since we added real-time collaboration to our diagram tools and the user feedback is nothing short of fantastic. This is to be expected considering the numerous benefits of real-time collaboration. Creately helps you visualize… Read More

Reuse your custom Styles with just a click!
Custom 1-Click Styles

One of the key factors that defines your diagram’s prettiness is the styles you have applied on the objects in your diagram. When you want to draw your diagrams, may it be a flow chart, mind map, uml or anything… Read More