Simple Mind Mapping Tool to Quickly Organize Ideas

  • Clutter free interface and automation features to quickly draw mind maps
  • Add images, link to external resources for deeper insights
  • Mobile app to view and add notes on your mind maps on the move

mind-map Templates

Mind Maps Explained

Mind Map is a graphical representation of ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps organizing information, helping you to better analyze, synthesize and generate new ideas.

Mind map aids brainstorming sessions. Start with the basic problem, and generate associations and ideas from it in order to arrive at a large number of different possible approaches.

Mind Map Objects Explained

A mind map consists of a tree made up of one idea and many topics.

Visit the Mind Map Objects page to get an understanding of the basic Mind Map objects used for mind mapping.

Examples and Using mind-maps in the real world

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Producing effective ideas with Mind Maps!

It is the basic premise to state that every single project kicks off with a basic idea; and these ideas usually evolve into viable projects only after an intense round of brainstorming.