Gantt Chart Software to Draw Simple Gantt Charts

Powerful Gantt Chart Software

to create project timelines faster

Quickly create simple Gantt charts and project timelines using web based software.

  • Powerful tools to quickly add tasks and dependencies
  • Professionally designed Gantt chart templates
  • Real-time collaboration to work together as teams
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Simply the fastest way to draw Gantt charts

Our powerful tools and intuitive interface enables you to create Gantt charts 3 times faster compared to other traditional Gantt chart software. Ability to create tasks and add dependencies in one single click alone will save you plenty of minutes when doing a project plan. But that's just the beginning.

Our smart objects adjust according to the context so you don't have to manually do the adjusting. Expand a task by dragging and we'll add the dates for you. Drag a timeline object and we'll add the weeks for you.

Our text based editor gives you total control over your Gantt chart. Just double click on the object to change task names and duration's. Plus we've made it dead simple to change time units, background colors and supporting grid in a Gantt chart.

Share with your team and collaborate on your Gantt charts

Planning a project involved many parties with sometimes people outside your organization also getting involved in the process. With our real-time collaboration features you can plan together in real-time with all parties able to see the changes instantly. This saves hours spent on back and forth emails and brings a sense of ownership to all parties involved.

Any change made by anyone is recorded in the revision history so you have a detailed information about any changes made to the project timeline. This features also enables you to go back and revert any change made to the project timeline.

Hundreds of templates and tutorials

If drawing from scratch is not your thing then there are hundreds of Gantt chart templates and project timeline templates to start your projects right away. Just make sure to rename the tasks and adjust timelines according to your project. In addition to these tools we constantly publish blog posts and articles related to Gantt charts and project planning so you can be even better at project planning.

With so many powerful features available to you there is simply no reason not to give us a try. Click the try now button and see how easy it is to draw using our Gantt chart software.

Drawing Gantt Charts is 3 Times Faster Drawing Gantt Charts is 3 Times Faster
Multiple exporting options Multiple exporting options
Work together with real-time collaboration Work together with real-time collaboration

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