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For amazingly fast website layouts

Web based drag and drop interface to quickly design web pages, blogs, sales pages and more.

  • Extensive set of objects to get the exact design
  • Powerful aligning and grouping features for usability
  • Real-time collaboration for instant feedback from clients/peers
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Extensive Object Library to Create Any Wireframe

Whether its a web page, blog layout or an iOS mockup we have objects to match your design. All the objects are grouped into sensible libraries so you can load only the relevant libraries. This makes it very easy to find objects and provides you with a clutter free drawing area. Specially designed objects like web sharing widgets, signup forms, login widgets makes it extremely fast to come up with beautiful looking designs

Professionally Designed Wireframe and Mockup Templates

Shown above are some templates available to you get get started immediately. We constantly update our templates with the latest objects so you'll always have templates with current objects. Plus there are 1000's more templates available in our diagramming community which shared by our loyal users. You can access them directly from the app as well with built in search to find the exact template you're looking for.

Clickable, Interactive Wireframes and Mockups

Our object linking feature helps you to create interactive wireframes. You can use the linking to link to an external site or to any other Creately diagram. So you can create the layout of the home page and link the blog text to another diagram that has the blog layout. So anyone who's viewing the wireframe can click the blog link and see the layout of the blog. This way you can create interactive wireframes that's closer to the real world scenario.

Work Together and Get Instant Feedback with Real-Time Collaboration

Our real-time collaboration features enable you to create and work on your wireframes together with your clients or peers. See each others changes and real-time and make decision on the go. This will save you countless hours spent on meeting discussing the design and the layout. All your chances will be saves in the revision history so you will know exactly what was changed and who made the chance. This helps you to easily revert unwanted changes as well.

Multiple Exporting Options including PDF and SVG

You can export your wireframes and JPEG, PNG, SVG or PDF files. The SVG and PDF files preserve the links as well so you can export more data rich documents. With the SVG export option you can use Creately to create the wireframe and add design elements like colors and shading using a tool like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. SVG's are great for scalable large printouts and for presentations too.

With so many options and features there is no reason not to give Creately a try. Creating an account is free and you get access to all the drawing features. So start creating wireframes now with Creately !!.

Drawing Mindmap is 3 Times Faster Drawing Wireframes is 3 Times Faster
Multiple exporting options Multiple exporting options
Work together with real-time collaboration Work together with real-time collaboration

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windows,apple,linux web browsers
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