Something Awesome is Coming this Christmas!

Howdy all you diagrammers out there! The year is almost coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. It is also the beginning of a new year and lots of exciting plans to look forward to. 2014 has been a great year for Creately. We have done lots of exciting things this year. However we know that we haven’t made a big product update for you for some time.

Something awesome is coming this Christmas

Christmas goodies from Creately

2015 is going to be very different. We are planning ahead a year full of exciting updates to Creately. We have heard from all of you on many requirements and suggestions. Don’t worry we haven’t left any of them out. We are planning to deliver all of it in sensible timelines. But to start off we want to close this year with a BIG update to Creately.

During the past months we have been talking to lots of you to understand why you choose Creately and what you love about us. It was rewarding to learn how Creately is loved by it’s users  and also very motivating to hear those constructive criticisms. Out of all what we heard from you, what stood out is the fact that most Creately users choose Creately because it is a very effective diagramming tool – it is easy to use and intuitive to get what you want done with very little effort. This is essentially why we started building Creately in the first place.

So we took the past couple of months to re-think how we can make it even better. How we can make that drawing experience so seamless that you can just fire-up Creately and be done within minutes while enjoying those few minutes that you took to draw your diagram. We are almost done with this update and it’s going to be your Christmas surprise. Now we know no one wants to be drawing diagrams on Christmas (or even when your are on your Holiday), but the new Creately is committed and eagerly waiting to take the exciting walk with you through 2015!


Hiraash Thawfeek

Is tech geek at Cinergix and is also the CTO. He has been managing product development for Creately. Loves and is fascinated by innovation through technology! You can follow him on twitter @hiraash and don't forget to follow @creately.


  1. Carolann

    Looking forward to seeing what it is…exciting times!

  2. Neeraj

    Hope that it will be something big.

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