Infographics, New Smart Objects and More in Latest FogBugz Release

We’ve been busy the last few months and included some great new additions to Creately. So hurry and download the latest FogBugz release and immdiately get access to all the new features and some major improvements in usability and compatibility with other plugins. Some new additions include

New Smart Objects to Create Infographics in FogBugz

The new infographics library includes 8 charts to present data in a visually pleasing manner. These smart objects can be easily modified by going to the text editor associated with the object. To learn more about the infographics objects and how to modify them read the infographics release blog post >>.

Create infographics using Creately FogBugz plugin

Some chart objects available for Creately FogBugz users

Ability to Draw Amazon Web Service Diagrams

Lots of companies are utilizing the power of Amazon web service and coming up with detailed AWS diagrams are critical for network engineers and system engineers. A new library containing all the AWS icons are added and some AWS diagram templates are also included so you can quickly create them within FogBugz. Read the blog post to learn more about drawing AWS diagrams in Creately.

Draw Business Process Models

A new library all the icons found in business process modeling notation 2.0 and some professionally designed business process models to get started quickly. Check out this blog post to read more about them or watch this video for a BPMN demo.

Some other notable changes include

  • Enhancements for value stream mapping diagrams
  • Improved class diagram objects
  • Bug fixed to improve the compatibility with other FogBugz plugins
  • Usability and performance improvements
We love to hear from you, your feedback helps us to improve and deliver exactly what you want. If you have any suggestions or feature requests drop us a mail at and we’ll do our best to get back to you.





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