Introducing AWS Icons for AWS Architecture Diagrams

We are really excited to launch a brand new set of AWS architecture diagrams and shapes!.

Why are we so excited you ask? We and countless other businesses run and operate all their operations and infrastructure on AWS and it has become a really core part of the internet. And when something is mission critical, you need plans. Plans like these need clear diagrams that help you communicate and collaborate around the designs. And we’ve created a fantastic set of shapes and templates to help you do just that!

Use the 100+ icons and 8 templates to get started, share among your team with our smooth real-time collaboration features and embed securely in your intranet using the Creately diagram viewer.

Below are some templates in Creately that help you get started instantly.

For Google Cloud Architecture Diagrams visit here

Basic AWS Architecture Diagram

Basic structure of the AWS EC2 instance. Want to add more objects and expand the diagram? Just click on the image and you can start modifying instantly.

Basic AWS architecture diagram

A simple AWS architecture diagram

AWS Architecture Diagram with Load Balancing

This is a load balanced auto scaling web application cluster with Amazon EC2.

AWS architecture diagram with load balancing

AWS diagram with load balancing

Varnish Deployment Architecture in AWS Diagrams

Another AWS architecture diagram showing varnish behind the reverse proxy. Instead of adding the image we embedded the diagram using the Creately diagram viewer. Another cool feature that lets you embed complex and large diagrams into web pages easily. Move the mouse over the image to get the toolbar and check the functionality.

Want more examples with varnish? Check out the below examples

Amazon 3 Tier Architecture

Want it exactly like Amazon? Below is the 3 tier architecture example at Amazon drawn using Creately tools. As I mentioned before the library includes all the objects in the AWS icon set so you can draw any type of AWS architecture diagram you want.

Amazon Web Services 3 Tier architecture drawn using Creately

AWS 3 Tier Architecture

Follow the links for more examples at Amazon drawn using Creately

A combination of templates, icons and easy to use tools make Creately a great tool to draw AWS diagrams and designs online. We are constantly adding template and improving our diagramming community so make sure to check back often for more awesome templates.

Download our all-new eBook for tips on 50 powerful Business Diagrams for Strategic Planning.



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  1. Mario Mangone

    Very helpful diagrams, i already have used my own learned in school, but here i learned how to change a complex task in to a relatively simple graphic format

  2. Bryan

    This would be extremely helpful. Diagrams are almost always present in architectural layouts.

  3. Varnish is a great cache that can dramatically reduce server load and client load time. Consider a PHP cache such as Eaccelerator in addition.

  4. Kacper

    Indeed tool very helpful and its basic operation is acceptable

  5. chinetha

    i want architecture diagram for my project.

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