New Creately UI Experience for Confluence and JIRA Users

We have some very exciting news for our Confluence and JIRA users. We’ve done a major upgrade to the drawing canvas and the object libraries so you can create better looking diagrams in less time.

The Confluence diagramming plugin release support Confluence 5.7 and upwards and JIRA diagramming plugin release support JIRA 6.3 and upwards. Keep reading to learn about how the new changes will improve your diagramming experience in Confluence and JIRA.

Get things done faster with the new interface

First thing you’ll notice when creating a new diagram is the new flat interface that is easy on the eye. Not only that, it will stop you from getting distracted by the surrounding elements in the drawing canvas and help you focus more on the actual drawing of the diagram.

Major revamp for more than 30 libraries

Some of the prominently used diagram libraries in Confluence and JIRA got a major revamp so your diagrams will look even better. Diagram library objects were redesigned according to the modern flat redesign trend to give your diagrams a sleek modern look.

Plus the objects now have colors that are suitable for the specific libraries and also complement the different objects in a library. Of course you can still change the styles to your preference. But for non designers out there this will help you focus on the content and not worry about applying matching colors.

Below you’ll see how a use case diagram will look like when you draw using the new shape libraries.

New library shapes for use case diagrams

A use case diagram drawn using the improved libraries

Usability Improvement and Bug Fixes

Other than the look and feel there are plenty of usability improvements in object libraries, especially for smart objects.

Some of the improved areas include

Additionally many of the reported bugs are fixed in this release.

Performance Optimization

Performance optimizations were done across the board to help you get things done even faster. Frequent events like diagram opening time and  object loading time are considerably improved and you should see an immediate difference when opening large diagrams with many objects.

To get the latest releases of the plugins simply go to the plugin manager and click the update button.

We love to hear from you about these latest changes to the user interface and the object libraries. You’re feedback is what helps us do better. You can contact support or simply get in touch via our social channels.

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    OmniGroup had an amazing product.
    It was called Omni Graph Sketcher.
    The now open sourced it in GitHub, do you think you can create something like that Online?

    It is an amazing product no one else has.

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