Creately For JIRA Just Got Better!

The Creately Diagramming experience has now been updated to be compatible with JIRA 6.2.4. With JIRA’s latest version release made on 2nd of May, we have updated the Creately for JIRA plugin compatibility so you can continue using the Creately plugin as you update JIRA.

With this version release, JIRA has fixed some bug fixes which meant users couldn’t update their expired license after upgrading to a later version of JIRA. They have also fixed some minor bugs and done some updates in this version release. You can read the detailed version release note for version 6.2.4

As we mentioned in our previous blog post you can experience the better way of diagramming with Creately in the latest JIRA version. Check out our plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace to enjoy these new features.

You can create your diagrams with Creately for JIRA directly inside the JIRA issue you’re working on. To add a diagram simply click the “More” menu and then the “Add/Edit Creately Diagram” option – the screenshot below shows this.

Create your diagrams with Creately plugin which is compatible with JIRA v6.2.4

Create diagrams with Creately for JIRA v6.2.4

The diagramming experience with Creately for JIRA is the same smooth and reliable diagramming experience that is available across all our platforms.

Smooth and reliable diagram experience

Smooth and reliable diagram experience

Diagrams created using Creately for JIRA are embedded directly in the JIRA issue that they relate to and can be easily viewed with a click on the thumbnail.

Embed diagram with ease

Embed diagram with ease

Each diagram inside your JIRA can be re-edited. Just go through the “More” menu again and you’ll be able to choose an existing diagram to edit or create a new diagram.  You can also delete diagrams through the same screens.

Edit/Remove the diagrams

Edit/Remove the diagrams

Creately for JIRA is one stop for all your diagramming experience. You can explore the 1000’s of templates in our diagram community directly from within JIRA.  Not only that, you can also import Visio documents, stencils and templates related to your issues or projects. The ability to export high resolution images and import and export diagrams as SVG makes your diagramming experience easier than ever before.

Stay tuned for the latest announcements on our ongoing optimization process.

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