Say hello to our versatile 3D objects!

As promised in our last post, where we unveiled Creately’s forward thinking Text capabilities, we are now thrilled to offer a fresh new perspective, in this post, on our intuitive KObjects, namely 3D versions of the Cube, Cylinder and Cone. So why is this 3D objects such BIG news? We’ve listed ’em out for you below.

1. Cool Features in 3D Objects

What we actually did was to create 3D objects that have a list of features associated with it. As you can see below, you can change the Position & Size of these objects along with the 3D Angle and Cube Depth as well.

Properties available in 3D objects ( Cube 3D Properties )

Easily set cube depth and 3D angle

2. Such versatile Fun!

Click and drag either one of the 3D objects onto the editor and you are sure to have oodles of fun, creating and designing diagrams, like a rocket blasting off into space, a pencil and even the Tower of Hanoi below.

Rockets, Cylinders and Hanoi towers drawn using Creately 3D object

Creativity is all you need to have fun with our 3D objects

We’ve already established that creating complex diagrams, such as UML diagrams, wireframes and flowcharts are easy. But Creately has also quite a bit of a fun side to it, as seen by the screen shots above.

3. Better Usability = Simple but Beautiful Diagrams

What better way to highlight this sentiment than to draw a system architecture diagram. Having a 3D look and feel to the whole diagram is certainly something that makes it look better, more interesting and beautiful.

That wraps up this post, in the meanwhile, do spread the word to your friends and peers and other aficionados of diagramming. For more interesting announcements and tips and trends on diagramming, stay tuned to this space.

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