Creately Update: Demo and Online User Improvements

For a software company like us it is extremely important to have a good demo mode. For most of you it is probably the first interaction you have with our software. As studies have shown you can really improve the conversion rate of your potential customers by having a good demo. As a Creately user you may have tested the application and its features via our demo mode before registering. So we went ahead and made it even more exciting to try Creately.

Improvements for a Great User Experience

We have been testing the demo user experience in real-time to make sure our users get the most out of it. To start with all of us “Experienced the problem” by going through the “Try Creately” experience to really get to grips with the issues.

In this release which we pushed on 1st of April (this is no joke :-)),  most of the features in demo user flow and online application are covered.  You can see how it has improved according to the experience and feedback.

  • Hassle free rating and feedback

You can now rate us and send feedback without any hassle with improved in app widget. This flow has streamlined in a way, that it will prompt only once for you to rate or send feedback.  Previously the widget was prompted whenever you exit the editor or not rated the app. We had a few requests to make this change and I’m sure it will make lots of users happy.

  • Connect directly to the editor

Connect directly to the diagram editor and start drawing sooner! Remember the loading page, which asked you to install/check the Flash version when you try to access the editor? We have removed the middle man out of the flow here. You can easily go to the editor right after you login to the app and create your awesome ideas.

  • Demo mode improvements

If you’re a new user you may have had issues signing up before this release. Obviously that doesn’t help you or us! We have changed the sign up flow for Creately to optimize it so it’s easier and more robust. We have also polished the loading of demo diagrams and messages throughout the demo mode.

With these improvements both Demo users and our registered customers can enjoy a streamlined user experience with Creately application. The benefits are more to come with our ongoing optimization process. Stay tuned for our latest updates and you can also read our latest product related news in the announcements section.


Shiraz Samsoodeen

Gamer, Growing Blogger and Tech lover. He provides customer support at Creately including writing blog posts and handling social media accounts. When not busy, he can be found either watching tv series or playing games. Follow him on Twitter

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