The Creately Customer Guarantee

promisesAt Cinergix we’re committed to providing the best online diagramming software with But we also know you expect more from us than just a great software application.
That’s why we’re introducing our first customer charter. It’s our commitment to outstanding customer service and providing the best online diagramming experience – that’s the Creately experience.

It covers many of the things that will help make your Creately experience as enjoyable as possible, from how to access assistance 24/7 and what our privacy policies are, to how often we will fix bugs and update the Creately service.

What you can expect from us

Because we strongly believe that getting quality doesn’t mean having to compromise on excellent customer service.

  1. You can be confident about always receiving an email reply to your Creately support requests
  2. Our team will always be available via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your feedback
  3. We will always endeavour to make Creately easy to use
  4. We will strive to ensure you always have access to your Creately documents
  5. We commit to maintain the privacy of your personal information
  6. We will honour the Creately Plan you sign up for while you continue to pay the subscription fee
  7. We will always bring you new and innovative ideas around visual collaboration
  8. We will work to fix a bug in a timely manner
  9. You will always have access to the latest release version of Creately through our website
  10. We will always offer the most extensive set of online diagram templates and shapes.

Unfortunately, there are times for every startup when things don’t go to plan. If you are inconvenienced as a result, we think it’s important to know what you can expect from us, and that you know we will always be helpful, fair, open and consistent.

Enjoy Creately!



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