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meet-createlyOn Thursday night I went to Ideapitch ’09 with was run by Student Entrepreneurs | Agents of Change. This was the finals of the IdeaPitch ’09 events. There were 8 student groups pitching in two categories. The first being for plain ideas, and second for established ideas or businesses.

There were some fantastic ideas, my favourites being Heart Park (compassionate car parking) and iWannaTutor (social tutor and student network). Special mention to Green Wall Garden, this is very much what apartment dwellers need to grow their own fresh fruit and veg – although its pretty expensive. Finally 37tweets (you might be able to guess where they get their inspiration from) have an interesting idea, and if they work very hard they could well be on the right track to achieving their dream. Take a look at the final results.

Beside the pitching there was also a chance to network with the other attendees. I met some interesting people, all of whom have great ideas. These events always remind me that there are so many great ideas around.

The nicest surprise of the evening was to run into an enthusiastic Creately user. As you know Creately appeals to everyone and it is no surprise that we meet Creately users in all sorts of locations and situations. This user is a student at Monash University where he and his friends had used Creately to collaborate on a piece of course work for their university degree. He said he found it quick to use and it made it  much easier for him to finish his coursework and get it handed in on time. It is always fantastic to meet Creately users in person and get that first hand feedback. After all, this is part of why we made Creately and why we want to make it even better. Hearing how much people love it and how it helps them provides us with the impetus to carry on and strive to be the best diagramming tool and number one visual collaboration business.

We would now like to reach out to all our current and future Creately users and invite you to meet up with us to discuss your Creately usage and to get your ideas for future development and usage. We would especially like to meet those individuals and organisations that are using Creately to help with software development or web development. So if you are based in Melbourne, London, Colombo or Jakarta or the surrounding cities please contact us and we can arrange a meet up in the coming weeks (or perhaps even a short chat on the phone). If you’re not based in these cities please contact us or leave a comment, we’d love to know how you use Creately.


Image by: bazzmann/ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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Nick Foster

I'm co-founder and COO of Creately and Cinergix. I am originally from the UK and now living in Melbourne, Australia. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and love being involved in shaping and growing Creately. You can follow me @nick_foster and don't forget to follow @creately.

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