A Simple Flowchart about Creately Drawn Using Creately

Last week before Charan left to Hyderabad to attend the TiE-ISB event, he asked me to come up with some useful diagrams to demonstrate the power of Creately. As usual I was active during my power hours of 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. generating ideas. I had random ideas running through my head, but didn’t quite understand the importance of each of them. So even before I figured out the effort required to build a diagram, I spoke to a few of my online friends.

I asked them about their knowledge on Creately. I was excited to hear a few of them say, “I love it!!” They rate Creately 5 stars each time they used it, and they have recommended it to many of their friends. But on the other hand, I was quite surprised to see a few others say “What’s Creately?”

Well… that’s when I realized that a simple flowchart on Creately about Creately would be a great diagram.  Since flowcharts are easy-to-understand, they are a great tool for communicating how things work and I believed this simple diagram will help people understand what Creately is all about. But if you truly want to know what Creately is you need to give it a try. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to create diagrams using our software.

We’re taking on Microsoft Visio and you could be part of that amazing journey. Our tool is not only much easier to use but far more affordable than Visio too. Plus it comes with some nifty features that will save minutes if not hours of your time.

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A simple flowchart about Creately

So here’s a simple flowchart for all of you who want to learn about Creately drawing using our flowchart software. Plus it’s embedded using our very own Creately player.

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