Creately Update: Image Optimization and CSS Adaptation = Faster Site and App

User experience matters !!! One reason we get so many high user ratings is because we care deeply about user experience. For the last few weeks we’ve been working around the clock to make your Creately experience even better. This is an ongoing process but here’s some important changes from out latest release.

Image Optimization and CSS Adaptation

The story behind the idea is we needed to improve the speed and responsiveness of the Creately website and Creately Online application.  We did a lot of research around this, even involving some experts outside Creately for a fresh perspective. We manage to identify some problem areas and already started working on some of them.

The first step of this initiative is to optimize the current images and use the latest CSS techniques to present visuals in a better way. CSS has improved in leaps and bounds and it would be a travesty not to make use of all those latest methods. Image compressing methods has also improved and we saw a significant improvement in our load times and page sizes after these changes were applied.

Benefit = Fast Loading Site and App

Speeding up Creately

A faster loading Creately website and app

If you are a frequent Creately user, you should see a considerable improvement in the load times especially in image heavy pages. Once we start to release fixes for other identified areas you should see more improvements across the site.

These changes affect the Creately online app to a certain degree. You’ll see a slight improvement in the app loading time, especially if you’re loading new libraries or loading the app for the first time. You can reach our Help pages, Diagram Community and other pages quicker than before.

As mentioned this is just the start of the ongoing optimization process to make your user experience even more awesome. Once we release all the fixes you’ll have a site that loads super fast. So stay tuned for the updates.


Shiraz Samsoodeen

Gamer, Growing Blogger and Tech lover. He provides customer support at Creately including writing blog posts and handling social media accounts. When not busy, he can be found either watching tv series or playing games. Follow him on Twitter

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