Creately Confluence Plugin now Supports Confluence 4.0

Atlassian recently released Confluence 4.0 and the Creately Confluence plugin now supports the new version. There are some really good social networking elements added to the new version of Confluence and those features have gotten some great feedback from the users. Online collaboration is becoming increasingly important in future applications and adding social elements to the application makes it much more fun. If you are a Twitter user, the new additions like follow and mention within Confluence wont come as a big surprise for you.

Creately is all about visualizing things, so instead of writing some boring text explaining the benefits of Confluence diagramming plugin by Creately, I added a video to explain things more clearly. People hate reading texts, but love watching videos. Otherwise YouTube won’t be the second most visited site in the Internet.

If you have any trouble using the latest version of the Creately Confluence plugin you can contact support for help. There are some exiting new things to be announced soon, so be sure to add us to your RSS reader or follow us on Twitter.



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