Google Cloud Architecture Diagram

Effortlessly Map out Detailed Architecture Diagrams

Effectively collaborate on designing, planning, and communicating the structure of your Google cloud-hosted systems and applications.

  • Multiple templates for Google architecture diagrams
  • Standards-compliant GCP component library
  • Real-time collaboration to work with your team
Google Cloud Architecture Diagram
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How to make a Google Cloud Architecture Diagram?


Visualize Your Cloud Environment with Ease

Visualize Your Cloud Environment with Ease
  • Drag and drop interface for faster cloud infrastructure design.

  • Pre-built reference architectures and templates for common solutions.

  • Industry standard GCP components grouped logically for easier use.

  • Extensive shape libraries for Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, AWS, CISCO, & more.

Visualize Your Cloud Environment with Ease
Seamless Collaboration for Cross-Functional Teams

Seamless Collaboration for Cross-Functional Teams

Seamless Collaboration for Cross-Functional Teams
  • Color coded mouse pointers for any number of participants.

  • Multiple role levels to share, edit, & review your cloud architecture.

  • Full comment threads and discussions for async collaboration.

  • Full version history to keep track of iterations and revisions.

Connect & Organize

Better Understand Your Cloud Environment

Better Understand Your Cloud Environment
  • Reference your data in context of your GCP diagram with integrated notes.

  • Embed your cloud architectures in any site or intranet securely.

  • Connect your existing tools and workflows with powerful integrations.

Better Understand Your Cloud Environment
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
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    What is a Google Cloud Architecture Diagram?

    What is a Google Cloud Architecture Diagram?

    Google Cloud Architecture Diagrams or GCP (Google Cloud Platform) architecture diagrams are used to visualize and document the structure of an application or systems structure on the Google Cloud Platform. Organizations can use these diagrams to plan, update, execute, and track changes to their cloud infrastructure and easily communicate these changes to stakeholders.

    How to Create a Google Cloud Architecture Diagram Collaboratively?

    1. Creating a shared design workspace

    Open a Creately workspace and add your team members and stakeholders as collaborators with edit access or reviewers, allowing them to work on the GCP diagram with you in real-time.

    1. Planning and requirement gathering

    With the help of the stakeholders involved, gather requirements including the information on the scope and the budget for the cloud infrastructure.

    1. Creating a high-level architecture diagram

    The team will then create a high-level diagram of the architecture, which will serve as a foundation for more detailed diagrams. Select a template from Creately’s extensive templates library for Google cloud architecture. You can also start visualizing the cloud infrastructure from scratch using the icons in the Google cloud category in the shapes library.

    1. Detailed design and diagramming

    Using the high-level architecture as a guide, the team can create detailed diagrams of the individual components and how they interact with each other. Add and remove the components as required for the infrastructure. Use the drag-drop capabilities and plus create to easily move and create the cloud infrastructure.

    1. Review and feedback

    Share the diagrams with other stakeholders and gather feedback on the design using contextual comments. This feedback will be used to make revisions to the architecture as needed.

    1. Iteration and validation

    Iterate on the design and make revisions as needed based on feedback and testing. Validate the design to ensure that it meets the project requirements and any regulatory or compliance standards.

    1. Deployment and maintenance

    Once the design is finalized and validated, it can be deployed into production and then maintained over time. Use version history to keep track of revisions.

    Design Google Architecture Diagrams Faster with Premade Templates

    Google Cloud Diagram Example

    Google Cloud Diagram Example

    Google Cloud Platform Architecture

    Google Cloud Platform Architecture

    Live Streaming Architecture

    Live Streaming Architecture

    Google Cloud Architecture

    Google Cloud Architecture

    FAQs about the Google Cloud Architecture Diagram Tool in Creately

    What is the Google Cloud Platform? What is it used for?
    GCP is a cloud computing platform that offers a range of services. It makes network management and the development of network infrastructure accessible and easy. GCP is mainly used to manage Google Cloud projects and resources. It can help to handle many computer networking services of an organization, from storage to databases.
    Why do you need a Google cloud architecture diagram?
    Creating a Google cloud architecture diagram is crucial in understanding your Google Cloud-based project. It provides a foundation to visualize your ideas and strategies and share them with your colleagues to collaborate. Furthermore, it is an important documentation practice that helps technical and non-technical stakeholders of the project understand the structure. You can also update the diagram as and when changes happen to keep an up-to-date visualization of your GCP architecture. This is a crucial step in making sure that important information and changes are documented for future reference.
    What are some key benefits of using Creately as a GCP architecture diagram tool?

    Creately is an intuitive visualization and work management platform that is ideal for diagramming and collaboration. Using Creately will provide you access to,

    • The infinite canvas where you can include 1000’s of items in one single space
    • Template library to immediately get you started
    • Shape library complete with search function and icons
    • Advanced formatting with colors, text, lines, and much more
    • Interlink different diagrams for multiple viewpoints based on the need
    • Any number of folders and workspaces to organize your different projects
    • Ability to share the workspace with colleagues and to collaborate with any number of participants
    • Track history and changes for any changes to the architectural diagrams
    Does Creately have Google Cloud architecture diagram symbols? If so, how can I access them?
    Yes! Navigate to Creately’s shape library through the bottom left-hand corner sign and search for ‘Google’ or ‘GCP’ in the ‘search more items’ bar. From the options provided, you can select the relevant category to proceed. You can also go to the shapes option in the library and then to ‘browse more shapes’ to open the panel that houses all shape and icon options to select the relevant category.
    How can I share my workspace with colleagues or peers for feedback?
    You can share your Creately workspace with colleagues by going to the top left-hand corner ‘share’ button. Through the collaborators setting invite colleagues via an email or link. You can also download the workspace as a JPEG, PNG, SVG, or PDF via the export button in the top left-hand corner.
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