AWS Architecture Diagram Tool

Visually Plan Your Cloud Architecture

Design and visualize your AWS cloud architecture collaboratively with your team.

  • Standard templates & shapes to draw AWS Architecture diagrams
  • Visual tools to analyze existing architecture or design new ones
  • Real-time collaboration to work together with teammates
AWS Architecture Diagram Tool
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How to Create an AWS Architecture Diagram?


Clarity for Your Cloud Architecture

Clarity for Your Cloud Architecture
  • Multiple AWS architecture templates with industry specific notations to plug and play.

  • Simple drag and drop tools to define complex architectures with ease.

  • Define large diagrams or link together multiple perspectives of your architecture.

Clarity for Your Cloud Architecture
Structure Your Team’s AWS Documentation

Structure Your Team’s AWS Documentation

Structure Your Team’s AWS Documentation
  • Advanced folder structure to keep workspaces organized.

  • Customisable permission settings to share folders and diagrams with team members.

  • Add shape data to store and view your current configurations on the AWS diagram.

  • Shape links to create navigation flows to easily move from one AWS diagram to another.


Get Everyone on the Same Page

Get Everyone on the Same Page
  • Collaboration tools to feel like you are in the same room when discussing ideas.

  • @mention comments to have discussions and follow ups on the same canvas.

  • Embed AWS architecture diagrams on any site or share with anyone via an email or link.

  • Create development and deployment processes with workflows.

Get Everyone on the Same Page
What is an AWS Architecture Diagram?

What is an AWS Architecture Diagram?

An AWS (Amazon Web Services) Architecture Diagram is a visual representation of the components, services, and relationships within a cloud computing environment built on AWS. It illustrates the structure of the system, showcasing how different AWS services interact with each other to deliver a specific application or solution.

How to Create an AWS Architecture Diagram with Your Team?

  1. Gather and detail the requirements

Get together with your team members and detail the requirements for the planned AWS cloud architecture. This should include the desired level of scalability, availability, security, and performance.

Use Creately’s free hand drawing tool and whiteboard to discuss and analyze. You can also opt to connect through Microsoft Teams for real-time collaboration and discussions.

  1. Select the appropriate services

Research and identify the most appropriate AWS services for the architecture. Put together the gathered information for further consideration by the team.

  1. Design the architecture

With the team, you are now ready to design the architecture. Make sure to include the network architecture, security measures, load balancing, and auto-scaling.

Creately’s AWS architecture diagram tool offers a wide selection of AWS templates that you can start with instantly. Alternatively, you can enable Creately’s comprehensive AWS diagram shape library and create one from scratch easily with its drag-and-drop interface.

Add the details of your application design, topology, and deployment in AWS into the workspace. You can use our basic shapes and customized AWS shape libraries for this purpose.

  1. Share with key stakeholders

Share your AWS architecture diagram with other key stakeholders or team members to gather their feedback with contextual comments on Creately. You can download your diagrams as PNGs, SVGs, PDFs, and JPEGs for printing, sharing, or publishing on websites, presentations, etc. You can also share it with anyone via an email or link invite.

Going Beyond the AWS Diagram

  1. Validate and implement 

As the next step, the team should validate the design by testing it in a sandbox environment. Make adjustments as necessary. After making the required adjustments, implement the architecture in a production environment.

As the team works on validating and implementing the AWS architecture, use Creately’s infinite canvas and project management capabilities to keep track of the assigned tasks and progress. Use the task panel to assign and track the progress of each activity. Encourage team members to keep an open flow of communications to give and receive feedback using @mention comments and comment threads.

  1. Monitor and optimize

Monitor to ensure that the architecture is running as expected. Optimize as necessary to improve performance, security, or cost.

  1. Document and share

Document the architecture, including the design and implementation details. Share the documentation with other team members, customers, or stakeholders to keep them in the loop.

Use Creately as your documentation repository. Easily store information about each shape in the notes panel, including attachments and detailed notes. Make use of Creately’s powerful documentation capabilities, frames and tables to create report-like workspaces. Share easily with others via a link or download as PDFs.

  1. Review and update

Regularly review and update the architecture to ensure it remains optimized for the organization’s needs and best practices.

Create AWS Architecture Diagrams with Editable Templates

AWS Architecture Diagram

AWS Architecture Diagram

AWS 3-Tier Architecture Template

AWS 3-Tier Architecture Template

Web Hosting Architecture on AWS

Web Hosting Architecture on AWS

Varnish Behind Reverse Proxy - AWS Example

Varnish Behind Reverse Proxy - AWS Example

FAQs About the AWS Architecture Diagram Tool in Creately

Are there any specific symbols for AWS diagrams? If so, where can I find them?
Yes, there are over 600 different kinds of AWS icons/symbols. Click on the ‘blue’ plus sign located at the bottom left-hand corner to open the shape library. Once open, you can either search ‘AWS’ in the ‘search items’ bar or click on ‘all shapes’ to browse through the available shapes to select the icons you want to add.
What are the key components of an AWS diagram?
  • Load balancing

  • Elastic load balancing

  • Amazon cloud font

  • Elastic load balancer

  • Security management

  • Elastic chase

  • Amazon RDS

How simple is it to use Creately’s online AWS Architecture Diagram Tool?
Creately is a visual workspace that is easy to navigate. You can use the platform to brainstorm, discuss, visualize, plan, and execute your ideas from beginning to end. To create an AWS architecture diagram, you can opt to start with a premade template or from scratch. The shapes library offers all the tools required to complete your diagram. Customize it the way you want with colors, styles, advanced formatting options, and more.
How can I share or download the diagram?
Once you are done creating your diagram, share it with colleagues or invite them to the workspace to comment and provide feedback. Share a link or export it as an SVG, JPEG, PNG, or PDF.
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