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Over at Amazon Web Services, they have just completed a major update to their architectural icons. And we are excited to let you know that we have already changed our AWS shape libraries in accordance with this new update, so we can give you access to the latest set of icons immediately.   

Creately already offers 100+ AWS icons to help you draw AWS architecture diagrams. With this new update, we have reorganized, removed and renamed a few of our library categories as well as introduced a few new libraries and a new set of icons under each of them, all in accordance with AWS’s new changes.

6 New Libraries with Brand New Icons

Before the update, Creately offered 11 libraries with over 100+ icons. With the new update we are introducing another 6 new libraries; we combined Amazon’s Desktop & App Streaming and Game Development categories and made the Application & Game Development category making the 6th new library category.  

  • Business Productivity
  • Internet of Things
  • Migration
  • Developer Tools
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Application & Game Development

Unique Features and Templates to Create AWS Diagrams Faster

Creately offers an array of unique features that make drawing AWS architecture diagrams simple and easy.  We have separate libraries for different categories that make searching for icons hassle-free. We’ve also got a library of AWS templates based on the most common scenarios that you can use to design your infrastructure immediately. Plus our awesome users contribute AWS architecture diagrams every day, so if you are ever looking for help or inspiration, look no further than our diagramming community!   

Creately Mobile App to Access Your Diagrams on the Go

Now it’s easier than ever to access your diagrams despite wherever you are. With the Creately mobile app, you can access your AWS design diagrams on the go. Not only manage and browse them, but you can also share and leave comments on diagrams you are working on with your team and colleagues.  

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