The Complete Guide to Strategy Evaluation
Guide to Strategy Evaluation

All organizational strategies are constantly reviewed and revised. As the internal and external environments of an organization change, so should the company strategy to aid in the survival and growth of an organization. A standard process to evaluate the effectiveness… Read More

How to Better Manage Your Projects with Kanban Boards
What is a Kanban Board

Developed by Toyota in the 1940s as a scheduling system to execute just-in-time manufacturing, Kanban boards have now become a tool indispensable in almost every industry, particularly in software development.  Whether to plan your next vacation or build your next… Read More

The Complete Guide to Strategic Group Analysis
Conducting a Strategic Group Analysis

“In competitive markets, firms need to develop competitive positioning strategies carefully relative to their competitors in order to achieve enduring competitive success.” Michael E. Porter Competition is often regarded as a threat, but at the same time, it plays a… Read More