The Easy Guide to Developing an Effective Action Plan

Planning on turning your vision into reality? And what’s your best way to avoid challenges and problems during this journey? A solid action plan.  We have outlined 6 steps explaining how to write an action plan. Once you familiarize yourself… Read More

The Easy Guide to the Goal Setting Process
Goal Setting Process

How excited do you get when you are setting goals for the new year ahead? If only that excitement lasted long enough to propel you towards actually accomplishing that goal – for once!  Maybe the goals you set are often… Read More

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Scrum
what is scrum methodology

Although initially designed for software development teams, Scrum has now become popular across many other fields, from marketing to project management.  In this post, we’ll explain the basics every Scrum newbie needs to know including what is Scrum methodology, and… Read More