Creately Now Supports SVG Import and Here’s How You’ll Benefit

We’re thrilled to announce support for importing of SVG files and an improved framework to make your objects look smoother and sharper. The SVG import is huge because it paves they way for some awesome future developments.

Lets take the popular complex tiger SVG as an example. See how it scales beautifully within the application? Similarly you can import thousands of SVG images found throughout the Internet by simply clicking the “Image” button and  scale them for the perfect fit.

Handling SVG files within the application

Working with SVG files inside Creately

Add Styles to Imported Images

Below example further illustrates the power of the application. You can import images and add your own styling to them so they fit perfectly into your existing diagram. Imagine having the ability to import thousands of images and customize them to fit your existing diagrams, that is what you’ll get with this new feature.

Imported SVG with styles

Easily add styles to your imported images

Scale Images without Pixelation

Ever tried to enlarge an imported image only to end up with some pixelated rubbish? Now you can import SVG images and never worry about pixelation. Below image better illustrated the value of importing SVG files rather than JPG, BMP files.

Benefits of SVG

Scaling is smoother with SVG

Beautiful Diagrams / Prints

We’ve enhanced how vector graphics are handled within the app as well. The underlying framework for handling objects is greatly improved to make your diagramming experience much smoother. If you’re working with things like CISCO objects you will immediately see a noticeable difference.

Faster User Experience

Objects are not the only thing enhanced by the improved framework. Application as a whole is greatly enhanced and you’ll enjoy a much faster application which will further improve your productivity.

Next Step: SVG Export

Now you can easily import diagrams you’ve created using other tools like InkScape, CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator into Creately. Even Visio diagrams can be  exported as SVG files, making Creately the perfect Visio alternative. The next step is to enable SVG export and make it even more easier to work with other tools.

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  1. Davin Studer

    Hopefully the viewer component will soon be going SVG as well. Scaling a rasterized image is just painful. It never looks right.

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