Cisco Network Diagram Software

Easily Design Cisco Networks

Create a single source of truth for all information on Cisco network infrastructure. Collaborate with the team on the same canvas to discuss, analyze, improve, and modify network architecture.

  • Customizable Cisco infrastructure diagram templates
  • Shape-data to easily store and discuss node details
  • Multiplayer collaboration with version history
Cisco Network Diagram Software
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How to make a Cisco Network Diagram?


Design Your Network Infrastructure in Detail

Design Your Network Infrastructure in Detail
  • Design, understand, and map your network with standard Cisco shape sets. 

  • Quickly create with simple to use drag-drop tools, and Plus Create.

  • Document network requirements. Easily make decisions by adding data to each item.

  • Use the dedicated Cisco networking shape library and import images for reference.

Design Your Network Infrastructure in Detail
Compile Complex Network Infrastructure in One Space

Compile Complex Network Infrastructure in One Space

Compile Complex Network Infrastructure in One Space
  • Use the infinite canvas to draw out large networks with multiple viewpoints.

  • Create interactive and dynamic presentations with frames and advanced built-in tools. 

  • Easily visualize networking device connections with connectors and shapes.


Collaborate Around Cisco Network Diagrams

Collaborate Around Cisco Network Diagrams
  • Share and collaborate with anyone with secure sharing links.

  • Collaborate on a shared canvas with real-time cursors for any number of participants. 

  • Save and revert to an iteration to review and revise using version history.

Collaborate Around Cisco Network Diagrams
Work Across Apps and Teams Securely

Work Across Apps and Teams Securely

Work Across Apps and Teams Securely
  • Share, review and edit with clients and stakeholders via multiple access and role levels.

  • Embed on any site, share with anyone via email, or send an invitation to collaborate.

  • Embed diagrams in Google/Microsoft documents, slides, and sheets with add-ons.

What is a Cisco Network Diagram?

What is a Cisco Network Diagram?

Network Diagrams are used to describe the physical and logical structure of a network according to the Cisco standard. It maps different nodes on a network including Cisco devices such as switches and routers and illustrates how they are placed and interconnected, as well as how data flows.

How to Create a Cisco Network Diagram with Your Team?

  1. Define the scope of the network diagram

Brainstorm, discuss and define the scope of Cisco network infrastructure with your team. List down the devices, connections, and features that need to be included. Don’t forget to include the budget as well.

Invite the team to work on the infinite canvas in real-time. Connect via Microsoft Teams and open the workspace through the app’s integration to discuss. Use Creately’s freehand drawing and whiteboard capabilities to bring everyone to the same platform and conceptualize.

  1. Gather information

Gather information about the network topology and devices, such as IP addresses, hostnames, and connections. Document the gathered data.

Import data from a spreadsheet directly to the canvas or include information in the notes panel as attachments.

  1. Assign roles and responsibilities

Assign roles and responsibilities to team members as diagram creators, editors, and reviewers.

Create a workspace and share with team members. Use multiple role levels and editing permissions to manage. You can also use the task panel to assign specific tasks and responsibilities and to keep track of the progress.

  1. Start creating the diagram

Select a template from Creately’s extensive network template library or use the wide array of Cisco icons available on the shape library to design from scratch. Add and remove the network components as required. Use the drag-drop capabilities and Creately’s comprehensive shape library to find components according to the standard.

Connect the network components by using the correct cables, switches, routers, hubs, and other industry-standard components.

  1. Hold regular meetings to review and discuss

Have several meetups with the team to work on the diagram. Use full version history to track and to revert back to any iteration if needed.

  1. Review, approve and finalize

Invite relevant team members, peers or stakeholders to review, approve and finalize. Analyze the feedback and changes via the in-line commenting and version history to modify or improve the proposed network infrastructure.

Once finalized, use Google/Microsoft add-ons, embed in an email, website, or export the network diagram in various formats including JPEG, PNG, SVG, PDF, and many more.

Easily Visualize Networks with Editable Templates

Internet Firewall Deployment

Internet Firewall Deployment

Cisco VOIP Phone Setup

Cisco VOIP Phone Setup

Configuring a VPN

Configuring a VPN

L2L VPN on Office Branch with Cisco 800 Series

L2L VPN on Office Branch with Cisco 800 Series

FAQs About the Cisco Network Diagram Tool in Creately

What are some handy tips to follow when creating a Cisco network diagram?

Creating a Cisco diagram can be somewhat complicated. But following the tips below will make that process much easier and less complicated. 

  • It is always best and easiest to start with a template and customize it the way you want. Explore Creately’s community to search and find the template that suits your needs.

  • If you prefer starting from scratch, first create a general layout of the project. To better understand and describe the topology and elements, create a layout that can be used as a base. 

  • Add all components and connections. Make sure to avoid lines that cross each other. 

  • Group components together by using frames and shapes. By doing so, you can keep your diagram simple and connect shapes easily.

Can I use Creately to create a free Cisco network diagram?
Yes, you can! Sign up with Creately’s basic plan to try out free Cisco network diagram templates to start creating your own diagram quickly. Check out to sign up and select the most suitable plan for you.
Where can I find Cisco network diagram symbols?
Finding Cisco network diagram symbols in the Creately workspace is easy. Expand the shape library and type in your query in the ‘Search Items’ bar and press enter to search. Or, if you want to browse through the available shapes, click on ‘All Shapess’ and select the symbols you want to add.
How do I share the Cisco network diagram with colleagues or peers?
You can export the workspace as a PDF, PNG, JPEG, or SVG to share, print, or publish. You can also directly share the workspace with colleagues by clicking the ‘share’ button on the left-hand corner of the workspace, inserting the email in the collaborators panel, and clicking invite. To send a link to the workspace, copy the link in the embed panel and share.
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