AWS Icons to Draw AWS Diagrams and Plan Your Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services is the biggest cloud hosting provider and they have a drove of services which they illustrate them using AWS icons . If you are like us, managing a complex cloud infrastructure can become hazy if you do not keep track of how things are organized.

Like it’s close cousin Network diagrams, Amazon Web Services diagrams on Creately have been designed to help people map out their cloud infrastructure with really quickly to help you understand and make the right decisions.

For us, AWS diagrams are personal. We recently overhauled the whole library and went the extra distance to make drawing these diagrams really easy as well as making sure they look great.

AWS is the leading cloud platform and offers a comprehensive solution. Mixing and matching their vast array of cloud services is the key to building a scalable infrastructure for your business. We’ve made the process simple via our AWS diagramming tool.

Creately's AWS drawing tool

How the drawing tool will look like with separate libraries for different AWS categories

Unique Features to Create AWS Diagrams Faster

Our sticky containers makes it easy to group objects and hold them together as one object. This enables you to easily move around groups of objects when modifying your diagrams. Very useful when your network infrastructure is growing and you need to expand the AWS diagram.

We’ve even thought about presenting your diagram to an audience. All Amazon AWS icons have beautiful  flat styling that will look great on presentations or when you embed it on a website or intranet.

We have created separate libraries for different categories found in the AWS diagram icon set. This way the interface won’t get cluttered so you can focus on your diagram rather than searching for icons.

Some Examples Drawn Using the Latest AWS Icons

Below are some recent diagrams drawn using the latest AWS icons. The images are scaled to fit the blog post. To view them in original size or to use them as templates just click on the image. Or check out our AWS software page to learn about the features.

AWS example done using latest AWS icons

Flat design that looks great on presentations

3 Tier architecture done using latest AWS diagram icons

Use containers to group items so you can easily move them as groups

AWS example using the latest AWS icons

All the icons you will need

Combine with Other Diagram Types

You can draw many other diagram types using Creately. So basically you have one tool to draw them all. Want to map a workflow? We have flowcharts, workflow diagrams and business process modeling tools. Want to map a database? We got you covered with our database design tools. Want to create related diagrams like CISCO diagrams and rack objects? We have separate libraries for them as well.

Simply put we got you covered from all angles. Stop looking for other solutions that offers half of what we offer. Start creating AWS diagrams now >>

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