Gantt Charts Made Quicker and Easier with Upgraded Creately
Easily switching between days and weeks in a Gantt chart

Gantt charts are a popular tool for the simple reason that they allow easy forecasting and tracking of project schedules with just a straightforward diagram. This effectively provides management with key information to help improve productivity, while also improving communication… Read More

Using Gantt Charts and Flowcharts in Project Planning

Flowcharts and Gantt charts are both effective tools to plan projects. However, when it comes to project execution, both have different uses and applications. For a complex plan with a longer duration, a Gantt chart is better, and for short… Read More

5 Reasons to Use Gantt Charts (Uses of Gantt Charts)
plan projects better with gantt charts

As there are many uses of Gantt charts, thousands of companies use Gantt charts to become more productive, enhance their communications, forecast over the long term and track results. While some naysayers believe they limit the size of the project… Read More

New Confluence Release and Recent Creately Features
Creately Confluence Plugin

Creately Confluence Plugin Compatible with Confluence 4 A quick update! we released a new version of Creately Confluence plugin. It is now compatible with Confluence 4 and also includes the below features and more Easy migration from Confluence 3 to… Read More

Draw Gantt Charts Online Easily Using Creately
Colorful Gantt chart template

We are excited to announce our new Gantt Chart Objects! It’s really simple and easy to draw Gantt charts or come up with a quick time line for planning things. Most times you simply need to explain your thinking about… Read More