Top Five Community Diagrams of the Week!

Last Friday was community day at Creately and we took some time to go through thousands of diagrams created by our users. We came across some great diagrams and promoted them via rating them and sharing them in various social networks. Creativity shown by some of the users were pretty amazing. Below are the top five diagrams of the week and you can view them easily using the Creately diagram viewer.

5. Gaming Community Use Case

First up is a Use Case diagram submitted by J.D. Stone. A very impressive diagram with lot of attention to details. We specially liked the use of colors for different actors, makes the diagram much more appealing and clear. Use cases are part of UML diagrams and one of the tricky ones to draw properly as well.

4. IP Cam Controller Network Diagram

Next we have a very impressive and a very detailed network diagram submitted by Ken Kok. He has made good use of default objects that comes packed with Creately.

3. Financial Regulations Stakeholders Infographic

This very informative Infographic was created by Tyler Rumberger. It clearly shows the different stakeholders of financial regulations and has used colors well to categorize parties. Very impressive.

2. Course Enrollment Flowchart

This course enrollment Flowchart submitted by Helen Kim was also very impressive and avoided most of the common mistakes associated with Flowcharts. Proper usages of arrows, arrow naming and using decision blocks made it a very impressive Flowchart. You can check Creately Flowchart templates for more excellent templates.

1. Software Product Timeline Gantt

Although Creately supports almost every diagram type we don’t come across Gantt charts that often, so this Gantt chart by Darren Green impressed us a lot. The usage of color makes it a very attractive diagram as well.

Listed above are our top five community diagrams of the week. Don’t be discouraged if your diagram didn’t make it, try harder and create a super awesome diagram next time. If you liked these diagrams do share them with your friends using the buttons below.

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