Interactive UML Crossword Puzzle

This Interactive UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagram puzzle is created by Creately to evaluate your knowledge on UML diagrams. The puzzle is based on 12 major UML diagrams. Find and solve the UML crossword puzzle using your knowledge on UML. Please follow below instructions complete the puzzle.

1. Click on each line or a row to get the corresponding hint.
2. Type in the correct words and hit check puzzle button to know the progress.
3. Try solving without the ‘solve’ button as much as you can.
4. After finishing all the words hit ‘check puzzle’ button to complete the puzzle.
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Shalin Siriwardhana

Internet marketing enthusiasts and a tech blogger, started working for Creately handling e-marketing and blogging. I love to spend my time playing guitar and computer games when I’m not exploring the world of marketing, you can find me writing at shalin's marketing blog here. Follow @Creately for useful diagramming tips and tutes!


  1. Holly

    Very hard puzzle. I’m not use to these kinds of puzzles.

  2. Rojina

    I got all correct after studying. Thanks for the diagram mate!

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