Using Excel to Identify Your Most Profitable Customers
Things to consider when identifying profitable customers

You’re probably thinking, ‘I already know who my most profitable customers are, they’re the ones who spent the most money, right?’ However, this is not always the case. For example, somebody could buy the most expensive item on sale, but… Read More

4 Tips to Build Your Brand to the Next Level
4 tips to build your brand

Building a brand can feel like going back to middle school. You want to be popular and you want people to like you. But at the same time the harder you try to connect with others, the more they shy… Read More

The Winning White Paper: Four Questions to Ask Before You Start
Moving From Entrepreneur to Manager

I’ve been writing white papers for B2B technology marketers for many years.  It’s a variegated format, one that serves different purposes in the marketing process.  That variety is both a strength and a weakness for marketers, however.   It’s versatile, which… Read More