How to Learn from Your Competitors as an Entrepreneur
Use a SWOT to compare yourself and learn from your competitors

It has been my observation that businesses can be classified into three broad types. The first and the most exciting of these is the type of business that brings to market a very unique and revolutionary product that nobody had… Read More

Important Role of Social Media in Brand Building
Why you need social media in brand building

Branding is not only for enterprises. Branding can also be for an item or a person. It feels extraordinary to fabricate an accumulation of yourself on the web. Using social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, it becomes super easy… Read More

5 Great Examples of Brands Avoiding PR Disasters
The embarrassing tweet send from Red Cross account that could have been a PR disaster

Brand watchdogs and public-relations experts like creating lists, and unfortunately their focus is usually on the mistakes companies make. Botched cover-ups, poorly handled crises, and failed publicity stunts all have their place on such lists, but very rarely do we focus on… Read More

User Centered Design With Behavioral Marketing
The flow in user centered design

We used to think a website is just a static page giving users quick information about a product or service. Times have changed haven’t they? Well did you know that there are studies done on the design of your everyday… Read More

20 Social Media Sites for Business Success

Businesses both large and small are fighting to get involved in social media, the craze is spreading like wildfire. But just how much do you know about it? Social media is a new phenomenon known by many names – geeks… Read More