Top 9 Deadly Reasons Why Most Web Designs Fail

Reasons why most web designs fail

Many businesses think that having a website is quite enough to mark an online presence. However, they forget that having a website will be worthless until they get it designed to run on smartphones. In addition to it, a nicely-designed website can yield exceptional outcomes for the business.

Believe or not, it’s a bitter reality that in today’s competitive world, companies often overlook the significance of websites. As a result of it, it leads them towards failure, disappointment, and leaves them with no choice but to reinvest in web design and development.

Through this article, I am trying to share my viewpoints with companies and professionals to highlight the reasons why web designs often fail. Knowing them will help you avoid making these mistakes when you design and develop your own website.

1. Unqualified Professionals

To avoid paying extra money, numerous companies, especially start-ups, handover the work of web design and development to professionals that don’t possess enough experience. Consequently, these projects often end up in failure making companies incur the loss of valuable time and money.

I don’t have any doubt about the talent of young minds, but in my opinion, complicated projects should be handed over to some experienced professionals who can deliver value for your money.

2. Lack of Quality Testing

It often seems that a well-designed website doesn’t perform as per expectations. One of the key reasons behind it, is the lack of quality testing. In order to assure the quality of a website, it is advised to test it on all the desired parameters to make it highly productive for a company.

A well-tested website can yield outstanding results and perform exceptionally well for business.

3. Compelling Visitors to Play Guess Game

While planning to develop a new website, companies should focus on the purpose behind it. Clear presentation of goals not only helps designers and developers to create a desired website, but also helps organization to achieve targets.

A poorly designed website with poor presentation of information coerces users to play a guessing game, and that irritates them a lot. As a result, most of the users decide not to give your website another shot.

4. Missing Simplification

Undoubtedly, the Internet today is overburdened with countless fancy websites. But, you can’t deny the fact that simplicity is the king and a key factor that helps companies to get distinction from the crowd.

What attracts customers the most is “simplicity.” Thus, a great website is one that looks simple in design but rich in features so that it can serve its visitors well.

5. Absence of Effective Content

Design attracts visitors, a real fact. But the thing that makes users spend more time or revisit is the content of that site. The content is the soul of a site, and users visit websites in search of required information.

Thus, if your site lacks in feeding desired content to its visitors, then the time has come to review your site. A well-researched content positively influences the minds of users and compels them to take actions that are beneficial to the business.

6. Lack of Timely Updates

Companies often consider that website development is a one-time process, but it is not so. Making necessary and timely updates are equally critical.

If you overlook timely updates, then the online audience will start to lose interest in your website that leads your efforts to end up in total failure. Timely updates include content updating and design upgrading because no one likes to get engaged with old content.

 7. Using Hard Codes

While handling complex projects, developers come across several minor changes and updates. Rather than making it a quick fix with some handy tricks, it is advised to write flexible codes instead of hard codes.

For handling such minor changes and updates, planning plays a crucial role. Thus, developers should properly plan any project before beginning to execute it. Additionally, companies should also describe clear and precise specifications before handing over a project to a professional or an organization.

 8. Lack of Project Management

Nothing could be achieved without proper project management, a fact that we all know. Thus, designers are advised to create a flexible plan to manage a project in an efficient manner. Project management is one of the biggest factors and ignoring its importance often leads projects to end up in failure.

9. Missing Mobile Friendliness

In the era of smartphones, you cannot overlook the fact that a massive number of buyers have shifted towards mobile.

Today, online users prefer to search information through their smartphones. Thus, by realizing and accepting the fact that smartphones have become a new source to target potential buyers, companies should pay attention to getting the site developed in a way that it can be run on a variety of devices.

 Why do you think most web designs fail?

The facts mentioned above show the key points that enterprises and designers can follow to avoid making such mistakes. By keeping these points in mind, you can create a website that yields favorable results and will not fail.

Do you agree with these points? Have you had your very own personal experience with a failed website? Let us know in the comments below.

Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of precious experience and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst Organization. He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware about digital marketing. His area of expertise covers everything that comes under the umbrella of digital marketing that is content marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, conversion rate optimization, web designing & development, etc.

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  1. Mark Stephen

    I think the lack of the software quality assurance is the major cause of any kinds of failures during development process.

  2. ScottATanner

    Hey buddy ,
    Nice Post !!

    The best way to get started as a web designer is to make a good business plan and action plan.You need to have responsive website so that every customer comes to your site .The main aim of web designer is to strengthen and establish the brand .This article is helpful for the beginners who are new to web development. Thanks for the insight and keep sharing.


  3. Rajib Hasan

    The reason why we come to blog, either to find some specific information or to updated us with latest technologies. This kind of article is perfect to help people a lot to make their business and life easier. Gracious post. Thanks and will come back soon again for sure.

  4. Keith

    Thanks for the informative post. It is a great comprehensive list and well worth another read when considering the design of a website.

  5. Ian Lawson

    Great list! I also think that failing to create a good structure and navigation is something that hurts user experience.

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