11 Ways to Use Twitter for Your Business Growth

Over the last few years, Twitter has skyrocketed in popularity as one of the most adored social media platforms, and quite rightly so. From the first tweet way back in March 2006 to 500 million tweets per day as of now, the growth is phenomenal, and so are its impacts, for individuals as well as businesses.

Such remarkable growth also means unimaginable business potential. So, if somehow you haven’t been able to grab your share from the world of Twitter until now, here is your chance to do it now to make the hay while sun shines!

Twitter login page might be the rocket fuel capable of thrusting your business way above all the boundaries and limits you have set up in your mind for it. And here I am with 11 Reasons Why Twitter Login is Essential for Your Business Growth, making sure you are able reap the benefits Twitter has to offer for businesses.

Business Growth on Twitter

1/ Make your first impression count: Pay attention to your Twitter profile

With as little as 3 seconds that people take in deciding whether or not to take interest in you after coming across your profile, it becomes imperative that your first impression counts on Twitter. And this can be done by making sure that you are appropriate, thorough, tactful and attractive in completing your profile.

This will earn you recognition, respect and attention from visitors, treating your profile as something serious, increasing the probability of more relevant traffic and more business opportunities coming your way.

2/ Get a good image

If you want yourself in there, get a close-up head shot or you might want to have your business logo instead. This image will introduce you to the world on Twitter, whether on the profile page or with any comments you make. If it’s your face, make sure the image is clear and well-lit, most preferably with your face right in the center (though that is not a necessity).

As far as logos are concerned, avoid too wordy ones, because they will look messy due to smaller size. The image formats allowed include jpg, PNG or gif and the size limit for images is up to 700 KB.

3/ Introduce your website or blog link

This is of utmost importance if you want to earn people’s trust on Twitter. People will approach you with much more confidence, deeming you as an authentic entity.

4/ Be careful in following people

This is right, you need to maximize followers, but you ought to be careful in doing that. Search out well before following the people you choose to connect with, depending upon your preferences. They might be among people you know, organisations you deem necessary to stay in contact with, clients, field experts in your niche, journalists or from countless other domains.

You also need to follow back those who follow you (only if you like to), which serves as the key to stabilize and expand your network on Twitter. Expanding your presence serves as one of the prime functions here on Twitter (or any other social medium for that matter!).

5/ Learn the language before you speak; pick your keywords

Before you really get going in a bid to let the world know you are on Twitter, make sure you learn and use the right language comprised of the right words …… the keywords. And the best way to do that is none other than resorting to Google AdWords: Keyword Planner.

Remember, Twitter login page is just the gateway to this ever expanding arena of the virtual world laden with infinite business possibilities for you. You need to exalt in your finesse to make your presence felt around here, which is through communicating effectively.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that diverting a river is easier than digging a well, i.e. tapping into the already existing traffic flow is much more feasible than generating some from scratch.

6/ Don’t forget to get acquainted with #hashtags

You can’t really get the grasp of Twitter without Hashtags. These serve as a tool to add more search-ability to the words you choose to speak through on Twitter. With the help of hashtags, you can tap into the domain of a Twitter-wide conversation. Creating a hashtag is as simple as placing # before the word you want searched around.

Just as it is with all other things, too many cooks can ruin the recipe for you; make sure you contain yourself to adding no more than two hashtags per tweet. Obviously, you are trying to get attention from an increased number of people, but not to irk them with you do instead of gaining their approval!

7/ Tweet: this is why you are here

Remember, tweeting is what led you here in the first place, so create some great content related to your business niche, informative as well as entertaining, and tweet it like you are here to tweet! Industry news catches instant attention, especially if there is some that you can break about.

Try to stay ahead of your peers and write about latest researches and breakthroughs in your industry. In addition to regurgitation, also add your point of view to make recognition for yourself, but it should be worth it, factually as well as aesthetically.

Go for the right combination, comprising of short-form content like the tweets, and long-form content like blog posts. You can also share facts, figures, statistics and insights by retweeting others’ contribution to capture your target audience’s attention within the confines of 140 characters. You can try to contain your tweets to 100 characters, so that there is enough room for relevant links and hashtags, which will increase the probability of retweeting of your content. Twitter lists can help you greatly in curating relevant content.

8/ Make an impact with great headlines containing keywords

This is one sure-fire way to make an impact on your target audience because your headlines hook the audiences to your content and inspire them to retweet it. If you are not able to gain a prompt response from your audience, your chances of performing well are hampered significantly in a fast-paced environment like the one that exists around in Twitter.

I am sharing some proven and effective headline formulas here:

  • Lists: Research reveals that headlines carrying numbers in them perform well consistently. Example: 14 Tips to Get the Best of Twitter.
  • How to: Titles adorned with “How to” phrase are also able to draw significant attention from viewers, according to research. So, produce “How to” titles to grab attention from your target audience.
  • Include keywords: Similarly, tweets containing keywords of your niche are likely to perform well.

9/ Tweet alternately based on time of day as well as day of week

With Twitter enjoying a massive global engagement, many experts suggest tweeting alternately based on time of the day as well as day of the week. This ensures that different segments and groups of people from your target audience can conveniently reach out to what you want to share with them. This varied engagement level of audience on your Twitter account depends upon many factors including your industry and other trends.

There are some great applications like the Buffer (one of my personal favourites) that can help you to schedule your tweets. To determine the best engagement time of your target audience, you better analyse them; for example, in Buffer it can be done using Buffer’s Analytics tab and then schedule your tweets for optimal times and days during the week. And make sure not to overlook weekends; with so much happening on Twitter every single second, ruling out weekends can mean losing potential customers, which is the last thing you would ever want.

10/ Integrate

Integrating to other social media elements is one of the best things you could do to reap the maximum benefits of this great medium. This will enable you to present your Twitter audience with a highly dynamic user experience. You better not confine this integration only across different social platform, but this integration should be at the content level as well, i.e. adding images and videos.  You can add to the user convenience of your Twitter target audience by sharing your Twitter content by choosing to repost your tweets on other most popular networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

11/ Keep an eye on it     

With so much effort involved, you better keep an eye on where all of this is leading you to; whether you are making any real progress around here or not. And you can do this by using tools like Peerindex.com, Wefollow.com, Kred.com and Klout.com. If you are not aware of the direction and impact of your efforts, the probability of getting them wasted becomes quite higher and this is certainly no one would want after putting in so much time and sweat.


It’s never too late, so give these ‘11 Reasons Why Twitter Login is Essential for Your Business Growth’ a go, and enjoy playing with Twitter to get increased business sales much quicker than you had ever imagined. Let’s become an inspiration to others, while enjoying your business success.


Adnan Afzal, co-founder of Technorian and always love to share valuable content with his influencers. He enjoys writing about start-ups, ecommerce, blog traffic and social media as well.

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