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New Private Beta Launch Competition

To celebrate the launch of the new Creately Private Beta Release we’re running a little competition on Facebook where we’re giving away 3 full year subscriptions to the Premium Creately offering for Free.

How to Win

1) If you already have a Creately account – Login to, draw a diagram and save it anytime today. We will pick a diagram out of our Creately hat and send you a Free 1 year subscription to Creately.

2) If you don’t have a Creately account and password – Just sign up for Creately anytime today and stand a chance to win a Full year subscription to Creately. Remember to mention “Facebook” when signing up to improve your chances.

3) Already signed-up and waiting for your Beta – Simply leave us a comment on our Facebook event wall or leave a comment below – tell us what you’d like to use Creately for, what else you’d like to see in it, or anything amusing that will bring a smile to our Fans.

So get moving, the day’s almost up. Check out the competition on Facebook.

The Creately Team
Online Diagramming Just Got Easier



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