Working on a Sitemap & Wireframe in tandem

When it comes to working on a website design project, the usual MO for most is to draw up a sitemap before proceeding towards the design of a wireframe. This would be a logical and the most natural way to proceed, however, there is no reason why you cannot do both in tandem. This is certainly something that will save quite a bit of your time while also helping you get better end results. Let’s put some real world practicality into this process.

Hypothetically speaking, imagine your aim is to start a web site for a Design Firm.

Now, observe the following two diagrams. The first illustrates a sitemap, while the one below shows a wireframe for your homepage.





As you may be aware, both tools offer you the same information but in two different perspectives. The main advantages of this two-pronged approach is that you can:

  1. Save time doing two tasks at once

  2. Crucially, consider the wireframe to help you add or subtract more pages onto the sitemap as you go along, and

  3. Collaborate and agree/disagree on whether you like the basic design or not in the first instance (as shown below). This is an approach that you can employ for every stage of your site, thereby discussing and finishing off the whole process page by page. 

This approach would certainly be tedious if you were to use an advanced design application like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Rather this approach is made much easier using Creately thanks to its ready-made templates and one-click smart technology.

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Learn How Creately Diagrams works

Learn How Creately Diagrams works