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Murdoch & The News Of The World Saga ~ A Visual Timeline

In keeping with that age-old cliche – a picture is worth a thousand words – we did a nifty visual timeline of the latest scandal (i.e. the News of the World saga) to hit global TV screens.

As you can see below, it’s way easier to explain things visually. Moreover, think of the numerous ways in which you can exploit various data sources and show information with more clarity via colorful mindmaps, wireframes, UML designs,Venn diagrams , Timeline and flow charts among many others.



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  1. Akaahan Terungwa

    Hi Rohitha, you’re sure correct. A picture is always worth a thousand (sometimes more) words. This info graphic of yours clearly illustrates that!

    • Syed Qasim

      Well, I am also agreed on your wordings. Picture can express thousands of words.

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