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Visualize your ideas and concepts, Quickly draw and share mind maps using Creately's award winning mind mapping software.

  • Create and connect ideas in one single click
  • Professional mind map template to get started
  • Real-time collaboration to work with team or peers

Productivity Features to Create Mind Maps Faster

As you can see from the image to the right, our 1-click create and connect feature helps you to draw mind maps much faster than traditional mind mapping tools. We will create the idea and connect it, you just have to change the text. Mind mapping couldn't get any easier.

We've also thought about the mind mapping standards and incorporated them into our software. Ideas to the right of the topic will be left aligned while the ideas to the left of the topic will be right aligned. This saves you countless minutes spent on aligning text. Also our smart objects adjust according to the context. Move an idea on the right to the left and you'll notice that the connectors automatically fit to the most closest point in the topic and text also adjust according to the relative position.

Share and Collaborate on Your Mindmap

Mind maps are great for planning too. From setting up a simple meeting agenda to organizing a research proposal, the usage varies depending on your need. Our real-time collaboration features help you plan and organize better as a team. We save all your modifications as revisions so you can revert back to the original state anytime. Because you can see the changes made by others in real-time you can make instant decisions saving you time and making you even more productive. So why wait? Create a mind map now !!!

Drawing Mindmap is 3 Times Faster Drawing Mindmap is 3 Times Faster
Multiple exporting options Multiple exporting options
Work together with real-time collaboration Work together with real-time collaboration

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