Hurricane Sandy: How it Compares with Recent Hurricanes

Hurricane Sandy showed how devastating mother nature can be and how helpless we are when faced with such power. We are really sad about this and millions who were affected are in our thoughts and prayers. Although there were obviously few things that could have been done better to save lives most will agree that lot was done to prepare people for the Sandy hurricane. So how does hurricane Sandy compares with the latest devastating hurricanes to hit United States? Below info-graphic gives a good idea.

Hurricane Sandy and how it compares with other devastating hurricanes


As the infographic shows the damage and the loss of lives because of hurricane Sandy is low compared to hurricane Katrina. Lessons learnt from Katrina helped, but the different agencies and the aid workers can be really proud of their efforts as well.

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  1. Eric Szvoboda

    What an amazing info-graphic for hurricane damage! It really shows the startling size of hurricane Katrina. Truly it is sobering to see the massive damage that it did deal the country. I wonder if the death tolls are assumed from just the hurricane itself or the violence that occurred during the post-Katrina panic.

  2. Bhanks

    Great way to visualize to damage but also keep it in perspective. Good going, guys!

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